CHHS and Engineering Collaborate for Brown Bag Lunch

CHHS COE Brown Bag Lunch


Compassion, Creativity and Innovation: CHHS + COE Brown Bag Lunch. The College of Health and Human Services and College of Engineering have established a partnership to explore research and educational collaborations between the two colleges and have started a series of faculty engagement activities for faculty to learn about each other’s work in the colleges. The first of these events was held Dec. 1, where faculties from both colleges met over Zoom during their lunch hour. Two special speakers presented their work -- Emel Demircan, Professor in the College of Engineering, gave a presentation on her students’ work and research on Human Movement Understanding in Robotics and Engineering, while Professor Kamiar Alaei, Chair of Health Science in CHHS, provided a presentation about the Transition from Maintenance and Survival to Expansion and Thriving in terms of educational and research opportunities post-COVID.