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Todd Ebert is a CSULB alumnus who received his Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1998 from UC Santa Barbara. It was there that he studied Complexity Theory under Dr. Ron Book. Dr. Ebert's Ph.D. dissertation is credited with introducing the now famous Hat Problem for which articles have appeared in both the New York Times and Scientific American. Upon graduating from UCSB, Dr. Ebert spent two years at Arcadia Design Systems in San Jose, working in software research and development. Eager to return to teaching and his Southern California roots, Dr. Ebert served as a lecturer for one year at UC Irvine before accepting his current position at CSU Long Beach.

He teaches courses in discrete structures, modeling and simulation, data structures and algorithms, and artificial intelligence. Dr. Ebert's current research interests lie in constraint programming, including high-level languages for stating constraint problems, and robust algorithms for solving them.