AI Research Club Launches


20 years ago Artificial Intelligence was a topic only for Spielberg. 10 years ago it was a mysterious technology that only the top Computer Scientists understood. Today, CSULB undergraduate and graduate students are launching their own AI Research Club. 

"For students across various, disciplines, college is the right place to begin applying AI, facilitating their proficiency as they enter the workforce," said Rahul Vishwakarma, club vice president.

Members of the club collaborate with industry members and academia, several of them having their research work published at conferences or career experience in the field. They met for their first general board meeting on Feb. 29. 

"Not everyone can work with their dream professor or get their dream internship. We want to educate everyone what's available," said Shrey Modi, co-president. 

AI is not only everywhere in the headlines, advancing AI technology is on the top of the White House's Annual R&D priority list. AI offers a wealth of opportunities across a wide spectrum of domains, and many see the potential uses of AI as virtually limitless.

"Artificial intelligence has been around for decades, but we are seeing renewed excitement as a result of new applications that have been enabled from increased computational power and interdisciplinary collaborations," said Dean Jinny Rhee, "I see tremendous potential for advancement in almost every field with AI." 

Understanding its importance, the club aims to provide students from all departments with a welcoming platform to dive into AI applications, helping them hone their skills as they prepare to enter the professional world. By creating a community focused on education and support, they hope to bridge gaps and believe every student deserves a chance to explore AI, regardless of their background or access to resources.

In the words of Fozhan Babaeiyan, Co-President, "True leadership isn't about having all the answers, but about fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaborative growth."

Club members are already making waves with their individual projects. Take Vishwakarma, for example. He's delving into the world of neural-controlled differential equations, exploring how to quantify uncertainty using conformal prediction. It's cutting-edge research happening right here at CSULB.

Central to the their mission is collaboration, both within the university and industry. They're lucky to have the guidance of faculty members like Dr. Ava Hedayatipour and Dr. Debra Satterfield, Design Department Chair. CECS Chair Mehrdad Aliasgari and CECS Assistant Professor Dr. Amin Rezaei serve as their faculty advisors. They're also teaming up with the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP) AI COLLAB to broaden their horizons and learn from others in the field.

"Extracurricular activities, such as student clubs, provide opportunities to grow professionally, explore passions, and hone soft skills in the relative safety of a school environment," said Rhee. "They are equally important as the degree."

Whether you're a seasoned AI enthusiast or just curious about what AI has to offer, the CSULB AI Research Club welcomes you to join them on this exciting adventure. Together, they're navigating the ever-changing world of AI, turning innovative ideas into real-world solutions.

 Learn more at their external website.