2022 MAE Senior Design Expo

Published May 4, 2022

The CSULB Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department celebrated its first in-person design expo in two years, with projects that aimed to find mechanized ways to pick up trash in parks, recycle household plastics, remind drivers of children left in backseats, return basketballs to players, and make it easier to dolly heavy objects up flights of stairs. The projects ranged from the practical, such as a cart designed to carry heavy loads and a solar-powered hot and cold drink dispenser, to whimsical ideas such as a modular hot tub and a pull-up bar that could be folded and packed in your suitcase.

A total of 23 teams, comprising six members each, participated in the design expo, which was overseen by Assistant Professor Surajit Roy. Designed and built over the course of two semesters, the projects are intended to serve as an opportunity to apply engineering theory and foundational knowledge. The projects included:

Systematic Launcher of Ball Releaser (SLOBR): This ball launcher is made of non-toxic plastic and is designed to improve over current competitors. (Cris Echeveste, Carlos Lopez, Justin Nguyen, Miguel Romero, Jeffrey Sau, and Tyler Yatco)

Remote-Control Hauling Cart (Easy-Haul): This cart carries heavy loads at regulated speeds. (Alex Garcia, Daniel Nguyen, Jacob Shockley, Kyle Pham, Ali Gobulukoglu, Abdul Aziz Al Aisaee)

Basketball Return System: This system promises to deliver basketballs to players, saving them time and energy. (Jeff Dar Santos, Eddie Rangel, Ismael Padilla, Ashley Jovany Abrego, Ayman Said Mohammed Al Breiki, Vu Tran)

Multi-Compartment Lift System: This lift will keep workspaces free from extra tools. (Jimmy Su, Daniel Hernandez, Christopher Nguyen, Hiroto Miyamura, Joshua Galang, Sora Choshi)

Forget Me Not: This car seat alert is intended to reduce incidences of pets and children being left in hot cars. (Evan Rogers, Daisy Santiago, Ricardo Carranza, Justin Dighera, Lori Nakamura, Chelsea De La Cruz)

GPS Guided Multipurpose Cart: The cart is designed to follow the user and carry up to 100 pounds. (Hassan Elhawati, Jimmy Ly, Santos Moreno, Vicky Ramirez, Emily Sanchez, Julianna Tovar)

Portable Generator Heat Recycler: The objective is to capture wasted heat and use it for mechanical work. (Martin Torres, Louis Aguilar, Trent Brady, Cherng-Shian Song, Sarah Torres, Truong Nguyen)

RC Car with an Adjustable Wheelbase: This design allows a vehicle wheelbase to be adjusted at the flip of a switch. (Eric McDonough, Emily Wilkerson, Mikaela Perey, Alex Lui, Emahn Yahyapour, Raysa Guerrero)

Collapsible Wind Turbine: The design would ensure the safety of wind turbines during storms and high winds. (Joseph Lovison, Isaiah Maravilla, DeLane Magee, Jared Rogers, Victoria Bravo, Michael-Cezar Vasquez)

Litter Bot: This remote-controlled clean up robot can collect bottles, cans, and wrappers, making it ideal to minimize custodial labor after outdoor events. (Matthew James Damaso, Kayla Razon, Zoe Smith, Sini Ofahiki Tautuaa)

Stabilizing Vehicle Mounted Camera Rig: The objective is to offer an affordable and safe means of professional level video capture. (Roberto Franco, Yves Medrano, Ryan Vo, Hakob Enfiajyan, Samuel Perez, Eric Rios)

Modular Hot Tub: The goal was to design a hot tub that could be taken apart and put back together in any size or shape. (Jake Beadles, Jonathan Schwan, Christopher Tsoi-a-sue, Richard Luong, Moussa Coulibaly, Fernando Rameriz-Bello)

3D Printing Plastic Recycler: This device would reduce the amount of plastic waste from 3D printing. (Diego Chinchilla, Diana Davalos, Oscar Gonzalez, Elias Maga├▒a, Gerard Molina, Jeremy Villa)

Helpoons : A Spoon For All: This self-stabilizing spoon compensates for shaking and hand tremors. (Sarthak Sheladia, Melanie Acosta, Oscar Basurto, Jasmine Nunez, Phung Truong, Jonathan Martinez)

Grip Assisting Exoskeleton for Muscle Atrophication: This exoskeleton hand would assist individuals who have suffered a loss in hand strength. (Alejandro Fregoso, Adam Bernacchi, Oscar Brown-Velasquez, Julie Num, Shaila Azuara and Callan Hartman)

Liquid Cooled Laptop Stand: The stand balances convenience and performance. (Seth Pantoja, Kayla Valencia, Joshua Najera, Michael Polard, Jose Guardado, Brandon Walker)

Temperature-Controlled Solar Water Dispenser: The prototype would provide access to hot and cold water in campsites, parks, or other outdoor areas. (Grant Wolf, Hannah Vu, Matthew Moslenko, Tuan Truong, Henry Tran, Sebastian Bonilla)

Quadrupedal Robot (Scuffer): The robot uses four sets of two MG92B servos in order to create a simple system with two degrees of freedom required for a basic walk cycle. (Long Nguyen, Susana Salazar , Su Cheol Son, Huukie Tran, Daniel Ponce, Samid Ceballos)

Household Injection Molding Machine: The objective was to produce a system for recycling plastic. (Luan Nguyen, Nicholas Enanoria, Ricardo Anaya, Vinnie Nguyen, Vinh Pham)

Pull-Up and Go: A collapsible home pull-up bar could be put in a suitcase. (Sage McNeil, Alfonse Youssef, Roberto Paciotta, Marco Rangel, Kristopher Makepeace, Joseph Alfaro)

Stairs for Dolly: Including tracks on the dolly would make it easier to lift heavy objects up flights of stairs. (Gabriel Lopez, April Pluma, Marcelo Morehouse, Jorge Avila, Phillip Ho, Andre Gayed)

Micro Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plant: A plant built on a miniature scale would allow mirrors to redirect sunlight onto a metallic receiver and produce power. (Quang Dang, Lam Vu, Jessica Rogado, Matthew Mackey, Elvis Ramirez, Corey Fraga)

Active Rear Wing: Placed on the back of a car, the wing is intended to reduce drag. (Nicholas Oakes, James Sanalak, Kenia Fuentes, Anthony Wu, Christopher Moreno, and Leumon Aref)

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