Jyotsna Pattnaik

Professor: Teacher Education

Coordinator: Master's Degree in Education, Option in Early Childhood Education

I was a teacher and teacher educator in India and was a recipient of the Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) awarded by the University Grant Commission, India. I served as an Assistant/Associate professor of early childhood education at Central Missouri State University between 1996-2000. Currently, I serve as the director for the Master’s in Early Childhood Education program at California State University, Long Beach.

I am a member of the academic advisory board for the Yadunandan Center for India Studies. I served as chair/co-chair of the South Asia sub-committee (of the campus International Education committe) between 2001-2008 at CSULB. Currently, I am a member fo the South Asia sub-committee.  I am involved in teacher training activities in India. I am a board member of the Los Angeles chapter of Pratham. Pratham is an international NGO that focus on education of children from underprivileged communities in India and implements programs such as Read India,Balwadis (preschool programs) and Annual Status of Education Report (ASER).

On 10th October, 2012, I delivered a lecture to a 17-member delegation from the He'nan Family Planning Commission, Yima City, China on the theoretical and empirical underpinnings of development of the whole child, different types of early childhood education programs, the importance of professional credentials for early childhood education programs, and the need for training (preservcie and in-service) of early childhood educators. The delegation was hosted by the US-China Business Training Center in Los Angeles, California.


  • Received the Most Valuable Professor award, College of Education, award by CSULB Alumni Association

  • Received the 2009 Distinguished Alumni Scholar award of the College of Education and Educational Technology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

  • Appeared on ACEI (Association for the Education of Young Children) Radio in October 2010  for the talk, titled,  “Changing views of fatherhood around the world.”


Doctorate in Early Childhood Education , Indiana University of Pennsylvania , 1996

My research explores multicultural and international education, childhood in South Asia, early childhood education, father/male involvement in young children’s lives, quality of schooling (private and government) for low-income children in India, education of girls in India, and children's issues in developing countries.

Current Projects:  

Girls’ Education in South Asia: A Multisite Case Study of Pakistani Elementary Schools.. 

Paternal and Maternal Involvement: A Qualitative Study with Hispanic Parents of Infant/toddlers.



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(April, 2015) co-presenter).  Integration of indigenous knowledge and   cultural practices in early childhood care education programs in Addis Ababa,    Ethiopia:  An exploratory case study.  Paper accepted for presentation at the    annual meeting of American Educational Research Association, AERA.   

 (February, 2015) co-presenter) . Implementations of Italy’s Reggio Emilia early childhood philosophy in two early childhood programs in Southern California:  Insights from the field.   Presentation at the         Critical Questions in Education Conference, by the Academy for Educational Studies, San Diego, CA.

(April, 2014) (co-presenter). Teacher expectations for entering kindergarteners:  A qualitative study with prekindergarten and kindergarten teachers in Southern   California. Presentation at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, AERA, Philadelphia, PA.

I am a member of the academic advisory board for the Yadunandan Center for India Studies. I served as chair/co-chair of the South Asia committee between 2001-2008 at CSULB. I served as the chair of the Technology Committee of the Department of Teacher Education between 2004-2006. Currently, I am the chair of the Curriculum Committee and Lecture Evaluation committees of the Dept. of Teacher Education.  I represent the College of Ediucation in the campus Faculty Personnel Policy Council.