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Assessment Office

Assessment Office

About The Assessment Office (AO)

The Assessment Office supports the program improvement process for the College of Education and affiliated programs. We offer a variety of services to facilitate the collection and use of data for program improvement. These include:

  • The collection, management, analysis, and reporting of:
    • SLO-related data.
    • Online survey data.
  • Creation and data entry of paper surveys using scanning technology.
  • Manual data entry.
  • Data analysis and reporting.

In addition, we recognize that data can have multiple uses. Therefore, we offer faculty members the opportunity to access existing program improvement data for research purposes. We also support, time permitting, the collection of new data for research.

Please contact us with any questions or to arrange a consultation.

AO Annual Reports

The Assessment Office's annual report is due to the university by October 1. This report summarizes assessment activities in the college as well as provides an interpretation of college-level student outcome data. The annual reports for the Assessment Office can be found below.