College of Business Mission Statement


COB will be the number one choice in the region for students seeking the best value in a business education that prepares them to excel in and contribute to the regional and global economy.


COB is committed to promoting social mobility by providing our diverse student population an affordable, relevant, and high-quality education and to creating and disseminating knowledge through impactful research.


Our core values serve as the foundation for fulfilling the mission and achieving the vision of the College of Business. We value academic excellence, diversity & inclusion, innovation, integrity, and sustainability.

Academic Excellence

We are committed to creating an environment that encourages an accurate understanding of business concepts and enables continuous acquisition of knowledge and skills that benefit the regional and global economy.

Diversity & Inclusion

We promote active participation of our diverse community as a source of creativity, energy, and strength.


We continuously explore new approaches and concepts that enrich the student experience and disseminate cutting-edge research.


We aim to act with dignity, honesty, responsibility, and accountability through ethical decisions and actions.


We strive to maintain student and faculty success by increasing the financial capacity of the college in an ever-changing landscape.


We are committed to maintaining an AACSB-accredited institution where innovation, impact, and community engagement drive educational and scholarly excellence.

Sourced from : COB_Strategic_Plan_2020-2025 (pdf)