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Dean's Update

Dean’s Update Summer 2021

Welcome to the Summer 2021 Dean’s Update. I am pleased to highlight some of COB’s recent accomplishments occurring during these extraordinary times.  Due to the efforts of everyone in the college—faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends—we have finished all that every academic year presents and requires. I cannot think of anything that we left undone because we were living in the virtual world. We can all be proud of what a great college we have collectively created, and I offer a huge thank-you to all COB stakeholders for their efforts and support.

The past year has not been without challenges, and interacting in the virtual world can only approximate the face-to-face world. For many individuals, the effects of isolation, technology limitations, and lifestyle impacts have been significant. The virtual classroom has made interaction and engagement more difficult, and zoom fatigue is something our students must contend with over the course of the semester.

So while we have accomplished a lot, it has not been easy or perfect. I look forward to returning to more normal times as the pandemic recedes and the face-to-face world emerges again. Enjoy our update!

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Michael E. Solt
Dean, College of Business
Professor, Department of Finance
Campus Guide, CSU5 Collaboration

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Hire CSU Business Virtual Career Fair
On Thursday, March 25th, over 110 business students from CSULB participated in the first-ever Hire CSU Business Virtual Career Fair! This event was a collaboration between CSU’s Long Beach, Fullerton, Northridge, and San Diego State University, working together to provide an opportunity for students from our Business schools to meet 40+ employers.
Beach Investment Group
The Student Managed Investment Fund was created in August 1995 to provide students with a unique and valuable experience in managing an investment portfolio. Traditionally, investment courses used "paper" transactions to teach students industry-related skills, but in the mid-90’s the Student Managed Investment Fund began giving students access to portfolios with actual monetary assets.
2020 & 2021 Commencement at Angel's Stadium
After fifteen months of remote learning that left many of us with Zoom fatigue, we were elated to celebrate the commencement ceremony for the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2021 on Sunday, May 30th at Angels Stadium in Anaheim.
College of Business Building
Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Announcements The following faculty members have been granted tenure and/or promotion to Professor:
Testing in Real life College of business ethics exam equity
Dear COB student, COB faculty and students are concerned about “exam integrity,” which means every student should have a fair and equal opportunity to perform well on exams and that no cheating should occur. If cheating is suspected, faculty will investigate and take appropriate action. While I hope this is not necessary, I support faculty taking appropriate action if cheating does occur.