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Leah Espinoza
Top left,  column going down - Barbara Barcon (ICBSC COB Advisor), Christian Mueller, Anthony Post Next column to the right of the far left column - Jose Castaneda, Andrew Hoffer, Khodr Saleh, Arturo Acuna Next column, 3 from the left - Zack De Boer, Sasha Bolivar Trouwborst, Sabrina Powell, Leah Espinoza
COB Dean Solt Passing out SCPD Medallions 2019
GRAND MARSHALL Dr. Steven Le, Department of Finance MOST VALUABLE PROFESSOR Dr. Jessica Robinson, Professor of Management Human Resource Management OUTSTANDING BACCALAUREATE GRADUATE Taryn Williams, Management/Human Resource Management OUTSTANDING POST BACCALAUREATE GRADUATE Jonathan Rivera, Master of Business Administration DEAN’S MEDALIST Abdelhamid Darraj, Management Information Systems
COB  What a Crock pot Team
CSULB competes with 3 teams in the 56th annual International Competition & all 3 won first place in their "World." (ICBSC) held the intensive phase of its 56th annual event last weekend. Universities come from around the world to participate in this amazing opportunity to compete in a very complex simulation of a production company that they run over the semester and then it culminates in this final phase.
Covid handwashing soap and hands
COB CSULB First Annual Finance Symposium 2020
Beach Fin Rising : Saturday, September 26, 2020
Free Tax Prep Sign at College of Business 2019
Income Tax Preparation VITA Closed Due to the circumstances of the COVID-19 scare, VITA is no longer operating. If you'd like to prepare your own taxes with the same VITA Online Tax services
COB CSULB First Annual Finance Symposium 2020