Faculty Resume Support

COB Faculty Resumes and Contact information and Research

COB's Directory and Resume Support documents are located on the COB MyBeach Intranet, which is accessible to all college faculty and staff via SSO login. 

Full-service web resume editing and Journal Submission is available from the COB AACSB Department Staff, Support on Research, Publishing, Journal Selection and Mentors can be provided.  You can reach out for help at this email : cob-aacsb@csulb.edu

If you have a public complaint then contact the College of Business Dean's Office @ 562.985.5306

This Internal document located on the COB MyBeach Intranet, will explain how to do the following:

  1. Add or Remove COB Personnel from the COB Directory
  2. Update any Information on a COB Personnel
  3. Update or Edit any Resume/Vita information
  4. Add or Update a Profile Photo Image
  5. Add or Update a Personnel PDF resume
  6. Formal Name Changes
  7. Updates in Rank or Status
  8. Showcase Journal or Support Submissions for AACSB or COB News