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Faculty Resume Support

Faculty Resumes and Contact information and Research

Who to contact to fix up incorrect or add missing faculty information, update the COB directory,


Add or Remove a Person - Someone is missing!

If you are a new faculty please be patient and kindly contact your department ASC to request this as they are already probably doing so on your behalf.

If you are an ASC:  To add or remove a person please provide the following fields to the IT staff

  1. Campus ID
  2. Campus EMAIL
  3. Campus Type Lecturer or Tenured or Tenured Track
  4. Department or Program Served

Can I edit my own CSULB COB Faculty Resume?

Faculty Self-Editing Tool

There is a faculty editing tool where faculty can make some changes to certain aspects of their own profile.  This tool is located in the Intranet menu please email the webmaster and ask for the link, the single sign-on will put uses into the menu. Or Send your Current Resume AACSB: staff


  • Helpful Read: COB Faculty Resume Web Application Introduction (PDF)
  • What Faculty can edit,  faculty have the ability to edit the following fields displayed on the profile using the online tool.

    • Teaching Interests
    • Education
    • Experience
    • Google Scholarly ID
    • Website URL
    • Optional -Upload PDF CV/Resume file
    • Note: Skilled AACSB staff can also do these updates:
  • What AACSB Department edits on faculty behalf:

    • Journals and Publications
    • Conferences and Presentations
    • Research and Scholarly Activity
    • Professional Contribution Events
    • Conferences
    • CSULB Campus and Community Service or Events
    • Update requests to AACSB staff or use Add resume submission form.

Change Research / Resume Pages 

  • Send your Current Resume!
  • AACSB: staff 
  • Same AACSB Data in 3 Places
    • ​AACSB VITA Resume Points and Standings only current 5 years. points, this is not public
    • Public Resume page
    • Public Current Faculty Research pages
  • AACSB department does not enter submissions dating back more than 5 years. 
    • New faculty will not see older research submissions on the  CSULB Resume/CV, dating back more than 5 years.
      •  A full PDF resume can be uploaded if it is ADA compliant and Accessible to all 
        • Always: review Accessibility ADA issues  This is the faculty's responsibility.
        • ATI  support service for Accessibility Review and Training 
        • This is an option it is not a required file - if you want your CV file uploaded please let AACSB know.
    • Long remaining faculty with older than 5-year submissions, can collect older resume data and will show on the "public" resume. 
    • Only the current 5 years show on the password controlled AACSB Resume version
    • Password controlled AACSB Resume version has assigned "points" these are not shown on the public version.
    • These Submission points are controlled, entered, and governed by the AACSB department.
    • This AACSB points resume is password protected and not open to the general public.
  • AACSB staff does these updates:  

  • Send your Current Resume AACSB: staff 

Change Office, Phone, Courses and Hours 

Faculty can Please contact the ASC for the department (Contact the department ASC) to edit the following information:

  • Office
  • Phone/ Alternative Phone
  • Alternative Email (not real campus email)
  • Leave Status
  • Courses Dates, Locations; and Times
  • Office Hours
  • Appointments yes or no?

CV PDF File on my Private Resume

Optionally a full PDF resume file can be uploaded if it is ADA compliant and Accessible to all, this is not the ASC or AACSB responsibility for the Accessibility of this file. This CSU mandates is the same as all Beach Board teaching 508 requirements.  All professors have been trained and there is ATI Document support available.  Each professor is responsible for the ADA level of review of this private resume file.

  • It will be the faculty's responsibility as a CSU employee to assure the file meets CSU Accessible Technology mandates.
  • Including this CV pdf file is optional, it is not a required file.
  • If you want your CV file uploaded please let AACSB know.
  • Be noticed that CSULB web pdf files may be scanned and reported upon to the Campus and Dean of the college.

Change Headshot Photo

Education is a public communication career, the web is public communication! The COB would like to professionally spotlight faculty with a headshot that matches the others headshots, send these to

Professional Headshot Requirements

  • Light color mute or solid grey background, no trees, no cars
  • Color image 
  • Quality at least 72 dpi
  • Size
    • 600 x 600 Pixels
    • 5 CM x 5 CM 
    • 2-inch x 2-inch

Faculty Schedule (paper posting outside of the office) 

Faculty Please contact the ASC for the department (Contact the department ASC) with any edits they will print a new one and post it.  This Schedule is also online on COB Website with real-time information.

Change Basic Faculty Settings

  • Office number
  • Phone/ Alternative Phone
  • Alternative Email (not real campus email)
  • Leave Status
  • Courses Dates, Locations, and Times
  • Office Hours
  • Appointments yes or no?

Add or Change a Journal Submission

  • Add More submissions: Adding  a resume submission journal, conference, event, 

Wish to add any submission (chapter in book, publication, reviewer role, etc.) Please send new submissions to AACSB staff and that office will update the information into the database.  Please submit any new submissions to AACSB, send your submission by email or by Add a resume submission form.  If you have any supporting images send them too.

  • Incorrect Submission Information: Title, Date, Authors of Submission Mistake on the journal, conference, event, Send Changes in AACSB submission category IC / PC
  • AACSB: staff 

COB Status Standing, Title, or Department Changes 

  • Send to both departments any Changes in Faculty standings Tenure, title, promotions or Faculty Status or Department
  1. AACSB: staff 
  2. IT staff 

Official Name or Email Change

  • EMAIL or NAME changes on the CAMPUS LEVEL directory
    1. Contact the Department ASC for the edits.
    2. Officially Changing names - Please start with CSULB HRM in Brotman Hall and Campus IT they will change the email and then please send the correction to both  IT staff and AACSB: staff to make the College level directory and resume changes.