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Faculty Resume Support

Faculty Resumes and Contact information


Faculty Self-Editing Tool

There is a faculty editing tool where faculty can make changes to certain aspects of their own profile.  This tool is located in the Intranet menu please email the webmaster and ask for the link, the single sign-on will put uses into the menu.

  • Helpful Read: CBA Faculty Resume Web Application Introduction (PDF)
  • What Faculty can edit,  faculty have the ability to edit the following fields displayed on the profile using the online tool.

  • AACSB Department edits on faculty behalf:

    • Journals and Publications
    • Conferences and Presentations
    • Research and Scholarly Activity
    • Professional Contribution Events
    • Conferences
    • CSULB Campus and Community Service or Events
    • Update requests to AACSB staff
  • TIP WORKS ON PC BETTER THAN MAC AT THIS TIME,  If faculty have any issues, please contact email the webmaster.


Resume AACSB VITA (not public)

  • Update requests to AACSB staff
  • This profile features all publications, conferences, professional experience, etc., used to determine your faculty qualification status. (POINTS)
  • The AACSB faculty vita page and public profile are based on the same data. Therefore, AACSB Resume will contain some of the same data.
  • The AACSB faculty vita page consists of the 5-year rolling window of information.
  • Only data completed within the last 5 years will display.
  • Notice: Some Faculty may be long gone but they are still counted in the 5 YEAR window.
  • This resume is password protected and not open to the general public.

Resume Public

  • The information entered for AACSB purposes is also the same information shown on the public profile.  This resume is open to the public.
  • AACSB does not enter submissions dating back more than 5 years. 
  • Therefore: Any new faculty may not see all submissions on the  Resume/CV, some dating back more than 5 years more than likely will not be visible on the public profile unless faculty specifically ask the AACSB to add older entries.
  • The "point" value of submissions will not show on public profiles, however the older than 5-year submission, if entered after many years, will show.  Ask the Department Chair or AACSB staff to review points and categories.
  • Because: (Unlike the AACSB VITA Profile) there is no date filter on submissions. All data that has been entered is shown.
  • AACSB staff can also do these updates:

The information shown on the faculty's public profile is limited. For those wanting their public profile to show a more complete resume and work dating back more than 5 years ago, we highly encourage faculty to upload a public CV/resume either by requesting this or doing it using the Faculty Editing Tool. For some, there is already a Resume/CV uploaded which is old information saved from Digital Measures. Once added a new resume/CV this will overwrite the current one. See "Faculty Editing Tool."

Office, Phone, Courses and Hours 

Faculty Please contact the ASC for the department (Contact the department ASC) to edit the following information:

  • Office
  • Phone/ Alternative Phone
  • Alternative Email (not real campus email)
  • Leave Status
  • Courses Dates, Locations; and Times
  • Office Hours
  • Appointments yes or no?

Change Photo

Education is a public communication career, the web is public communication! The COB would like to professionally spotlight faculty with a headshot that matches the others headshots, sends these to

Faculty Schedule ( see outside of office) 

Faculty Please contact the ASC for the department (Contact the department ASC) with any edits they will print a new one and post it.

  • Office
  • Phone/ Alternative Phone
  • Alternative Email (not real campus email)
  • Leave Status
  • Courses Dates, Locations and Times
  • Office Hours
  • Appointments yes or no?

FAQ Faculty Resume

  • Add More submissions: Adding  a resume submission journal, conference, event, 

Wish to add any submission (chapter in book, publication, reviewer role, etc.) Please send new submissions to AACSB staff and that office will update the information into the database.  Please submit any new submissions to us and we will gladly enter them, otherwise, we don’t have any way of knowing what new research that has been completed.

  • Incorrect Submission Information: Edit resume Submission Mistake on journal, conference, event

If there is a change regarding an entry, please send the correction to AACSB staff  cob-aacsb@csulb.eduto to make those changes. 

  • Changes in AACSB category, standings or Faculty Status

If there is a mistake regarding an entry Professor or Assistant Professor, sufficiency please send the correction to BOTH AACSB: staff and IT staff to make those changes. ​

Official Name or Email Change

  • EMAIL or NAME changes on the CAMPUS LEVEL directory
    1. Contact the Department ASC for the edits.
    2. Officially Changing names - Please start with CSULB HRM in Brotman Hall and Campus IT they will change the email and then please send the correction to IT staff to make those changes.