OAL - User Policies & Procedures

The guidelines that support the Open Access Lab - the College of Business and Instructional Technology goals are to make all the resources work for all of the students.  Following these good suggestions really helps us with that goal. Go College of Business and Go Beach!

COVID Health Screenings and Masks - The Current rules have you doing a screening each day you visit and wearing a mask,  please help keep our staff safe in the Lab.

COVID Health Screenings and Masks - The Current rules have you doing a screening each day you visit and wearing a mask,  please help keep our staff safe in the Lab.

No Food, No Beverages, No Water bottles and/or other beverage containers are permitted in the Open Access Lab (OAL), or in the computer classrooms.

  • Spilled beverages constitute a potential safety hazard due to the electrical outlets located in the floor under the computer workstations.
  • Additionally, spilled beverages and food particles shorten the life of computer equipment, stain the carpeting (which results in additional custodial charges to the College of Business, and attracts ants and other pests. Please refrain from bringing any food or beverages into the CBA Instructional Technology Department.

OAL student workers are employed to monitor the use of and maintain the OAL in accordance with established policies and procedures; resolve minor hardware and/or software problems, etc.; they are NOT employed to provide software or homework tutoring. Students unfamiliar with the use of any software program(s) will need to obtain assistance from their individual course instructor(s)

  • To pay for printing, students must have a CSULB Beach Account card or Courtesy Card with sufficient funds to cover printing charges. University rules and regulations prohibit us from accepting cash in payment of print jobs. NOTE: It is a student's responsibility to “print preview” each document to check for correct formatting before sending it to the printer. You will be charged for all documents released from the print queue.

  • Computer workstations are reserved for use by students who are using the computer. Students just reading or studying should not be occupying computer workstations. There are study tables available throughout the OAL.

During peak periods, computers left unattended for more than 15 minutes may be released and made available for check-out to waiting students.

Students must provide ALL of their own office supplies (e.g. paper, blank CDs, paper clips, pens, pencils, Post-It notes, mailing labels, envelopes, etc.). OAL staff do not give out or provide office supplies.

When you are finished using a computer, PLEASE check to be sure that before leaving the OAL:

  • you have all of your personal belongings,
  • you remove all discarded papers and other debris and deposit them in a wastebasket,
  • you push in your chair,
  • you log off the computer.
  • report issues to the OAL front desk

If you left something behind:

  1. Check with OAL lost and found during office hours at the front desk
  2. Check with the College of Business Deans Office
  3. Check with Brotman Hall 155  
  4. Check with the Campus Property Office 

Campus Lost and Found