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Open Access Lab

COB Open Access Lab, located in COB 243, is open to all CSULB students

The guidelines that supports the Open Access Lab - the College of Business and Instructional Technology goals are to make all the resources work for all of the students.  Following these good suggestions really helps us with that goal.  ~ Go Beach!


How do I reserve a group cubicle?

Select the option at the sign-up station, located near the front of the lab.

What are the Labs Hours?

That is on the COB Instructional Technology Department main page.

How can I print a file in color and/or black & white?

Select the option ‘Print pages in color’ and ‘Print pages in Black & White’

Can I scan the documents?

Yes, at computer express stations at the front IT counter.

Why does the printer say it needs paper, when it’s already fully loaded/shows it has paper?

The file was sent as a different size and not in 8.5” * 11”. You can click Alt + 8.5” * 11” + okay.

I just logged in the cubicle. How can someone else sign up for the same cubicle?

If there’s inactivity for more than 15minutes on the system, it generates an automated reminder saying ‘logging off in 5min’ at the right bottom side of the screen. That’s when it shows ‘open status’ for someone else to reserve it.

Do you have flashcards?


Why does the library allow drinks and OAL doesn’t?

Starbucks pays for the damages

Do files on Lab and Classroom computers delete when they log off?

Lab and Classroom Users must log off websites and empty the trash can. Logging off the computer doesn’t do that.  The computers will be reset and files wiped on a scheduled process.  Do not assume your files will remain or be deleted from any PC. 

How can I download Microsoft Office (MO) for free?

Log in to student account through MYCSULB and search for ‘software depot’ – search for MO

Why do I get print error when printing the web based files?

Download in ‘T-drive’ and print from desktop to avoid problems

How do I print from my Laptop?

Visit the CBA Laptop Printing Website:

  1. Select a Printer: CBA 243 – Open Access Lab - BW (for Black and White) and CBA 243 – Open Access Lab - Color (for Color Printing)
  2. You can either browse for your document or enter a website address for the page you would like to print, and then click Submit.
    1. Note: When printing webpages, the website must not require any type of login.
    2. Enter the number of copies and the page range, if left blank, default is one copy and all pages.
  3. Click Continue on Step 3. Duplexing options and multiple paper sizes are not available for CBA printers.
  4. After your job has been “approved”, click on Submit Job to Printer link.
  5. Release your print job at the Self-Service Print Station.

Do you have a bandage?

Yes, at the front IT counter.

How do you print from Access?

You have to print one tab at a time.

How much do Prints Cost?

-----TBD ----

How do you pay for Prints?

-----TBD ----

Need help in enrolling in classes

Go to student center through MYCSULB and select ‘enroll’ option on the left side of the page

How do I unjam printers?

Avoid stacking full load of paper into the loading tray beyond the load mark

How to use photo copier settings?

Select the page size – select one sided or double sided – adjust the paper to be copied on the frame which is marked on the copier screen and follow the instructions