Congratulations on your admission to CSULB and the College of Business!

To facilitate your admission and ensure a smooth transition to CSULB and the College of Business (COB), all newly admitted COB students will be meeting with the COB advising team for Advising and registration throughout the summer. Both First-Time, First-Years (Freshmen), and Transfers will meet with COB Advising in December.

A “Required Advising” registration hold has been placed on your first-semester registration and will be released when you meet with the COB Advising team in December.

Three Required Steps 

Admitted CSULB College of Business students are required to complete three steps upon admission, carefully review your next steps:

  1.  Accept CSULB Admission by November 15, 2023. All newly admitted Spring 2024 students are required to accept admission before meeting with the COB Advising Team for Advising and registration. In addition, students must submit their Intent to Enroll and Enrollment deposit by November 15. Please go to your student portal to accept admission: MyCSULB Student Portal
  2.  Orientation with the SOAR office. As a new CSULB student, you are required to complete CSULB’s university-wide orientation requirement through the SOAR office. Learn more about orientation and how to sign up for your SOAR orientation.
  3. Mandatory Advising & Registration with the COB Advising team.  Newly admitted College of Business (COB) students are required to meet with the COB Academic Advising team for Advising and registration. In December, you will receive further details on your Mandatory COB Advising & Registration workshop, be sure to check both your CSULB email and personal email regularly for updates. 

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