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Steps for Newly Admitted Freshmen

After students receive their official offer of admission, there still are important steps to be taken to prepare to enroll at CSU Long Beach!


1. Accept Your Admission Offer and Submit Enrollment Deposit

Go to your MyCSULB Student Center and click on “Need Help Signing in?” Next, you will need to click on "Activate Account". Follow the instructions to activate your account. Once you have logged in, navigate to your Student Center tab. Scroll down to the bottom with the section header "Admissions" and select Accept/Decline. To accept your admission online, you must either qualify for the waiver or pay the enrollment deposit via MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or electronic check. If you qualify for a deposit waiver, the online process will automatically notify you. For timely processing, we strongly suggest you submit your admission acceptance and enrollment deposit online via your MyCSULB Student Center  You will receive immediate confirmation that your acceptance and deposit have been accepted. 

  • Remember your response is due no later than May 1 for Fall!

2. Satisfy the Terms of Your Admission Offer

Most offers of admission are provisional, and admission requirements must be met or the offer will be rescinded.  For more information on provisional admission, visit the application process.

3. Apply for Housing

4. Participate in Early Start (If Applicable)

Most students needing developmental (remedial) coursework in English and math must participate during the summer.  See Early Start for detailed information.

5. Submit Final Transcripts

  • Final Transcripts are due by July 15!

6. Review Costs and Financial Aid Options

Visit the Financial Aid website for detailed costs and funding options available. 

7. Attend Orientation (SOAR)

Reserve your place for a Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) Workshop.

8. Set Up Your CSULB Email

CSULB students are required to maintain a CSULB email address on file with the university and to check their email regularly as the university uses email as the official means of communication.  Activate your BeachMail account here.

9. Learn about MyCSULB and BeachBoard

MyCSULB is your online center for class registration, financial aid awards and personalized student account information.  BeachBoard is CSULB’s online learning environment that includes online course catalogs, virtual classrooms, resources and more. Take some time to learn about these online tools as you will be using them often during your time at CSULB.

10. Directed Self-Placement Survey (if applicable)

To ensure the most accurate placement in Fall, prior to attending a SOAR session, incoming students should complete a Directed Self-Placement assessment. The Directed Self-Placement or DSP assessment will provide you with a series of questions to determine what English courses you should take in the fall. If you received the notification regarding DSP, please complete the Directed Self-Placement Survey beginning May 15th. Once completed, you will receive the results informing you what courses you should plan to complete in the fall.

If required, make sure to complete the survey before you attend SOAR this summer so you may review your results with your SOAR advisor.

11. Immunizations

All incoming CSULB students are required to complete a series of mandatory immunizations prior to registrations. To learn more about this requirement, please visit our Student Health Services website for more information.