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BeachBoard Support

Getting Started with BeachBoard

BeachBoard is CSULB's Learning Management System (LMS).  D2L (Desire 2 Learn) is the company that develops and supports BeachBoard, which is a custom version of their "Brightspace" platform (keep this in mind if you access their support site or review video tutorials). 

BeachBoard Course Set Up Instructions:

1:  Activate Your Course

Each semester, a BeachBoard shell is automatically created for all courses; the instructor has the option to activate it at any time. Once activated, it will be visible to enrolled students. It's recommended that instructors become familiar with the tools and set up their course while it's deactivated in preparation for student use. To access your BeachBoard course:

  1. Login to BeachBoard via Single Sign On
  2. Activate Your Course

Video: Get Your Course Started:

Video: Five Basic Tools on BeachBoard to Teach Your Class Remotely:

2:  Communicate with Students

These optional tools can be used to communicate with your students while away from campus:  Classlist Email, News Tool, Discussion Tool, and Zoom.

Send email through BeachBoard with Classlist:

  • Use Classlist to see who's enrolled in your course and who's online; a green dot appears beside names of student who are logged in. 
  • Stay organized with Classlist as it keeps messages contained within the specific course site. This may be more manageable than using your personal email account.
  • Get step by step instructions for using Classlist to send emails.

Post announcements and updates on the BeachBoard News Tool:


Stay connected with the BeachBoard Discussion Tool:

Use Zoom for live meetings or to record lectures: 

  • Consider using Zoom to hold virtual office hours and to keep appointments with students.
  • Chat with students via Zoom (disable the video camera if you choose not to be on screen).
  • Get written instructions for using Zoom.

3:  Share Course Materials with Students

Upload Course Materials with the Content Tool:

Source LinkedIn Learning to build your skills and your content:

  • Although not a BeachBoard tool, LinkedIn Learning has a generous library of online courses and tutorials to support digital skill building.
  • Modules on personal and career development are also available to share with students as as supplement to your course materials, if desired.

4:  Record Lectures and Announcements

Using recorded lectures and announcements helps students maintain a sense of instructor presence and connection with the course.

Use Zoom to deliver a live lecture or record a lecture

  • Be creative!  Zoom can be used in many ways.  Try virtual advising, short video announcements, live class discussion or chat (with the camera off, if you prefer).  
  • Get written instructions for using Zoom.

Create media in BeachBoard with KalturaCapture:

  • Kaltura Capture is a tool available through BeachBoard Media that provides an easy method of creating your own videos, presentations and podcasts. 
  • Everything captured is uploaded to your BeachBoard Media Library and available for you to share with your students.
  • Get step by step instructions for using Kaltura Capture

Use Camtasia to capture presentations:

  • Camtasia is an easy to use tool for screencasting/recording interactions on your computer.  
  • Record and import PowerPoint presentations and turn them into videos.
  • Download Camtasia from the CSULB Software Depot; Camtasia is not integrated with BeachBoard but files can be exported and uploaded to BeachBoard.

Upload media to your course with the BeachBoard Media Tool:

5:  Manage Assessments, Assignments & Grades 

Organize student assignment submissions with Dropbox in BeachBoard

Set up Quizzes in BeachBoard

Manage and share grades with students using the Grades Tool