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Faculty Support and Training

Contact Support

There are many ways to connect with Academic Technology Services and Canvas to get support:  

academic technology services virtual support

Live Virtual Support

Zoom with 
ATS team members.

academic technology services email


Email ATS and we'll respond 
within one business day. 

academic technology services canvas tech support chat

Canvas Tech Support

Chat online
with the tech team at Canvas.

CSULB Resources and Training for Instructors

Academic Technology Services (ATS) provides materials, professional development programs, and workshops specific to the needs of the CSULB campus. New Canvas resources are in development and will be posted here. Watch for announcements in BeachBoard News (until Summer 2023), at ATS Events and Workshops, and on ATS Twitter

Resource Materials

Canvas Sandbox Request
A sandbox is an empty Canvas course where you can experiment with the settings, copy content from BeachBoard, test integrated tools, and reset it all to default if you want to start over.  The Sandbox will appear in your Canvas dashboard when it has been created. Request a sandbox today! Please allow one week for your request to be completed.

Quick Start in Canvas 
These step-by-step instructions guide instructors through building a basic course quickly in Canvas.

Canvas Course Layouts [PDF]
These instructions will guide you in accessing pre-built Canvas layouts designed by ATS that you can import into your course and edit to fit your subject matter. Choose from Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced layouts.  To decide which level is a good fit for you, review this comparison chart: Canvas Course Layouts Comparison Chart [PDF].

Canvas Quality Assurance Checklist [PDF]
This checklist provides instructors with recommendations for ensuring that their courses meet established quality assurance guidelines. The items outlined are helpful to identify once your course has been migrated or imported from BeachBoard to Canvas.

For Your Students

Student Announcement: Find Course in Canvas [PDF]
If you plan to teach in Canvas before Summer 2023, this template provides a sample announcement that you can post in your BeachBoard course to direct students to your Canvas course. The template includes instructions for accessing Canvas and resources for students to get learn how to use the new platform.

Canvas Student Quick Start Module [PDF]
These instructions tell you how to view the student orientation module included in all courses course. You may use it or remove it at your discretion!  The module gives students the basics of using Canvas tools to communicate, submit assignments and take quizzes. 

Passport to Canvas Student Course Request Form
Share the link to this course request form with your students! This self-paced course designed by Canvas provides everything students need to know about using the platform. It covers how to keep track of assignments, check grades, and view feedback from instructors. It also helps students learn how to organize learning material and stay in touch with classmates. 

Faculty Training Programs and Courses

Canvas Essentials Faculty Professional Development Program 
June 6-July 10  ~or~  July 11-August 14
This 5-week program introduces faculty to the basics of Canvas so they can build their courses and become familiar with the platform.  The program includes a self-paced course, training workshops, and the opportunity to work closely with ATS Instructional Designers who will assist in transitioning your course to Canvas.

Instructors' Training Course: "Growing with Canvas"This self-paced course will take instructors through everything they need to know about using Canvas. We recommend that you request a Canvas Sandbox from ATS at least one week before taking the course so you can practice the activities presented in the training. Once this course has been assigned to you, it will remain in your Canvas dashboard for future reference.

Feedback Forum Friday
June 24, July 8, July 22, August 5, August 12  |  Times vary
The Feedback Forum Friday series is a venue for all faculty to be able to join and discuss all things Canvas. ATS would like to receive any and all feedback related to the institution's LMS transition. Dedicated instructional designers will facilitate the discussions.

Canvas Accessibility Faculty Advocate Program
Empowers faculty to share awareness of accessibility best practices for course design. The self-paced course included in this program will be available to all starting in Fall 2022.


Join these hands-on workshops and follow along in your own Canvas account! 

Note: We recommend that you request a Canvas Sandbox from ATS at least one week before the workshop to allow you to have fun, experiment, and make a few mistakes without worrying about messing up your official course.

BeachBoard and Canvas Comparisons
June 15  |  10-11am
In this interactive workshop, we'll compare BeachBoard and Canvas with hand-on activities in Canvas. Resources materials will also be provided.

Building in Canvas 
June 30  |  2-3pm
In this workshop, users will be introduced to the Announcements, Pages, and Modules tools in Canvas. We will provide a walk-through with steps for creating and managing these tools as well as their functionality. 

Canvas Gradebook Setup
July 18  |  10-11am
In this workshop, faculty will be introduced to the Canvas Gradebook. Topics will include how to set up auto-calculated weighted scoring, basic view settings, and tips for configuring the Gradebook using assignment groups. 

Canvas Navigation Basics   
July 26  |  10-11am 
In this workshop, users will be introduced to the Canvas navigation bar as well as account, profile, and course setting options. Users will be able to set up their Canvas accounts by following along with the demonstration, and additional resources for further learning will be shared. 

Student Engagement in Canvas
August 10  |  2-3pm
In this session, we'll introduce tools found in Canvas that will help foster and create an environment for student engagement such as Collaborations and Peer Review Student. 

Feedback Forum Fridays
June 24, July 8, July 22, August 5, August 12  |  Times vary
The Feedback Forum Friday series is a venue for all faculty to be able to join and discuss all things Canvas. ATS would like to receive any and all feedback related to the institution's LMS transition. Dedicated instructional designers will facilitate the discussions.

CANVAS Resources and Training for Instructors

Canvas provides a vast array of materials and videos to help you quickly get familiar with the platform.  

Instructor Guides

Canvas Instructor Guides provide detailed written instructions for using all of their features.

Video Demos

Training Services Portal: Live & On-Demand Sessions 

Find the link to the Training Services Portal within your Canvas global navigation panel. This portal gives instructors access to a wide variety of self-paced and live training developed by the makers of Canvas. CSULB currently has a paid subscription for this Training Portal through January 2023- so take advantage of these excellent resources now!

Recommended LIVE Training Sessions

  • Course Communications
  • Leveraging Modules
  • Assignments
  • Quiz Basics
  • Gradebook and Speedgrader
  • Home Pages
  • Groupwork & Collaboration
  • Data for Teachers
  • Student Experience
  • Content Area Specialty Session
  • Mobile Apps: Teacher App

Recommended ON-DEMAND Training Sessions

  • Learning Pathway, Opening Canvas Learn comprised of:
    • Opening Canvas
    • Creating a Canvas Course
    • Getting Started with Assignments & Assessments
    • Grading & Feedback
  • Stand-Alone Courses:
    • Preparing to Launch
    • New Quizzes
    • Teacher App (iOS or Android)
    • Canvas + Google Integration

How to Access the Training Portal

  1. Visit your SSO/MyApps dashboard and select the Canvas tile:
    canvas at the beach sso chiclet tile
  2. Click on the "Help" icon at the bottom of your Canvas Global Navigation bar.
    canvas navigation panel
  3. Select the Training Services Portal link from the menu:
    training services portal
  4. Select "Authorize" to access your account.
    authorize canvas account
  5. Take the tutorial offered on the pop-up window to learn more about the offerings. Or, you can skip it and exit the pop-up.
    training services tutorial
  6. You’ll be taken to the Learning Library tab.
    learning library tab in Training Portal
  7. Scroll down to view all the tutorials at the bottom of the screen.  Or, use the Search, Sort by, and Filter by features to find a specific topic.
    search and sort training filters

Canvas Commons Learning Object Repository (LOR)

canvas commons link in navigation barCanvas Commons is a learning object repository/ digital library of educational content that enables educators to find, import, and share resources. Resources include courses, modules, quizzes, assignments, discussions, pages, documents, videos, images, or audio files. 

How do I access Canvas Commons?
The Canvas Commons link is on the left Global Navigation panel on Canvas. Content shared by CSULB users will appear at the top of the Commons dashboard by default. Use the search or filter controls to find specific content.

What can I do with Commons?
Create your own personal repository to store course content and materials submitted by peer educators and re-use them across all of your courses. You can contribute to the community by sharing resources that you've created that would be of benefit to others.

Canvas Communities & Groups

The Canvas Community is an online gathering place where Canvas users can share, collaborate, and shape Canvas together.