Computer Labs at the University Library

Spidell Technology Center


Students in the Computer Lab

The Spidell Technology Center, located in the Library on the 1st Floor, is an open access computer lab available for current CSULB students, faculty, and staff.  Limited guest use is available for community members.  (The Horn Center, located on lower campus, is an alternative campus computer lab for students.)

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Contact Information:562.985.7820 


Authorized CSULB users can sign into the computers in the 1st floor Spidell Technology Center. They can also use the Sign-Up Express computers, which have a 15-minute time restriction, available throughout the library.

Non-CSULB (Guest) users in the Spidell Technology Center must first register at the Circulation Desk before using the Sign-Up system. Guest users are allowed a single login per day, with a maximum use time of 90 consecutive minutes. Priority for computers will be given to authorized CSULB students. 

1st Floor Computers
Type Spidell Technology Center
PCs 186
Macs 9
Scanners 2
USB Flash Ports all
DVD+R/RW optical drives PC's only
3 ½" Media Card Readers PC's only
Headphone Connectors all*
Video Editing Stations (Macs) none
Adaptive PCs all PC's include Jaws & Zoomtext
Lift table PC's (electronically height adjustable) 2 (available to Guest users as well)
3 Microfilm readers, 1 VHS/DVD, 1 DVD For Media Access

* Users must bring their own headphones. Spidell does not supply, loan, or sell headphones.

Additional Library Computers
Additional Library Computers Sign Up Express OneSearch Only Other
Lower Level     1 photocopy machine
1st Floor - Spidell Tech Center   1 OneSearch only

All printers (BW and Color)

1st Floor, Lobby 2 Sign-Up Express; 4 Guest 2 OneSearch only 1 photocopy machine
2nd Floor, in Stacks 2 Sign-Up Express 1 OneSearch only  
Children's Collection, Room 200   1 OneSearch only 2 children's game computers
3rd Floor, Stacks entrance 2 Sign-Up Express 2 OneSearch only  
4th Floor, Stacks entrance 2 Sign-Up Express 1 OneSearch only  
5th Floor 4 Sign-Up Express    


(The following list includes the software suite that will be available starting Fall 2023)

Software Availability
Software Title PCs  Macs  
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC yes yes
Adobe After Effects CC yes yes
Adobe Animate CC yes yes
Adobe Audition CC yes yes
Adobe Bridge CC yes yes
Adobe Character Animator CC yes yes
Adobe Dreamweaver CC yes yes
Adobe Fireworks CC   yes
Adobe Fuse CC   yes
Adobe Illustrator CC yes yes
Adobe InCopy CC yes yes
Adobe InDesign CC yes yes
Adobe Lightroom CC yes  
Adobe Lightroom Classic CC yes yes
Adobe Media Encoder CC yes  
Adobe Photoshop CC yes yes
Adobe Prelude CC yes  
Adobe Premiere Pro CC yes yes
Adobe Premiere Rush CC yes  
Adobe Scout CC   yes
Adobe SpeedGrade CC   yes
ALEKS Plugin 3 yes  
Apple iTunes yes yes
Camtasia yes yes
Deepfreeze yes yes
Esri ArcGIS yes  
Fetch Softworks Fetch 5 yes  
Food Processor SQL yes  
Fusion Pro yes  
Google Chrome yes yes
InternetTIFF yes  
IrfanView yes  
Kurzweil 3000 yes yes
Mathematica yes  
MATLAB yes yes
MEGA yes  
Mircosoft Defender   yes
Microsoft Office Professional 2021 yes yes
Minitab Software yes  
Mozilla Firefox yes yes
Netlogo yes  
Nvivo yes  
Respondus Lockdown Brower yes yes
R yes yes
Rstudio yes yes
SAS yes  
Snagit yes yes
SPSS Software yes yes
Stuffit Expander   yes
Textpad yes  
VLC yes  
WinSCP yes  
Zoom yes yes

All electronic access facilitated by University Library is subject to the Acceptable Use of CSULB Electronic Communications Systems and Services policy.