Qualtrics - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Qualtrics

This list is being developed from questions we receive from our users at CSULB.  Let us know if you have others questions at ats-qualtrics@csulb.edu.

Student accounts include:

  • 10 active surveys at any given time
  • 20 total surveys allowed at one time (surveys can be deleted and replaced)
  • 300 allowed responses per survey*
  • 100 allowed questions per survey*
  • 1,000 responses across all surveys (deleting responses do not count towards total)
  • 300 outgoing emails allowed across all surveys*
  • 50 allowed outgoing emails/week*
  • 1 panel is allowed with a maximum of 300 names*
  • A limited collection of accessible survey question types

To request additional active surveys, additional question types, or permission changes contact ats-qualtrics@csulb.edu. Please make sure to include your student ID.

To view your response statistics click on Account Usage located under Account Settings. In this view, you can see your total allowed surveys, your total allowed active surveys, your total allowed responses, and your total allowed outgoing emails. In addition, you can see how many surveys, responses, and emails you have used. To increase your limits please contact ats-qualtrics@csulb.edu.

In most cases, no. However, you can contact ats-qualtrics@csulb.edu to see if your project is able to be restored.

Yes, but there are a couple of considerations:

  • Only those who have not yet started the survey will see the new changes. Anyone who started the survey prior to your changes will see the original survey, not the updated one. Changing the survey while it is live could cause inconstancies in your data collection process.
  • Superficial text edits are fine (e.g., fixing a typo or changing the font). However, deleting questions or answer options can harm previously collected data. We recommend never deleting answer choice options or questions.

Qualtrics can be used on any browser type. However, it is recommended that you test survey functionality in all browsers prior to inviting survey respondents.