Note:  iClicker Classic will be officially decommissioned in January 2024. To reserve an iClicker Classroom Set, visit ATS Classroom Support Services.

As an effective alternative to iClicker, discover Poll Everywhere, an application available through the CSULB campus license agreement and supported by ATS.

How Student Response Systems Can Help in the Classroom

Student Response Systems (SRS) provide faculty with instant feedback on student responses to in-class polling questions and quizzes and are valuable for:

  1. Promoting active learning
  2. Engaging students in the lesson
  3. Providing feedback to the instructor
  4. Providing feedback to the students
  5. Boosting class participation and improving attendance
  6. Integrating results with Canvas

  • Get Instant Feedback by introducing iClicker knowledge checks in the middle of a presentation instead of relying on office hours or a future assessment. Even non-responses are an opportunity to explore engagement, interest and buy-in on a topic.
  • Gamify Activities in your Class by attaching iClicker usage with coursework can build communication, teamwork and critical thinking in the classroom.

Setup a consultation with an instructional designer to learn more.

The iClicker Reef mobile app polling feature is not supported by ATS at this time. However, you may enable the feature and allow your students to purchase an iClicker Reef Student Access subscription, however, if you need assistance or have issues with this feature, please contact iClicker.com.

Please consider the following:

Using the iClicker Reef mobile app polling feature relies on the student mobile device’s ability to access to a wireless data service or the campus Wi-Fi network. If for some reason their mobile network or campus network malfunctions, student votes will not be sent.

Students using the iClicker Reef mobile app do not have to be physically in the room, to participate in polls when using the mobile application, so this may not be the best option if you are using it for attendance.