Ways to Contribute

You can contribute the way that you want to. This is a CSULB-wide initiative, and we want to be your platform. Here are some ways to contribute, ordered from lowest to highest by time commitment.

  1. Share the Faculty Connection webpage - If you think someone would take an interest, sharing is a simple and powerful tool to spark involvement among your colleagues.
  2. Give feedback - Reach out to us with any questions, content, or nominations by ATS-InstructionalDesign@csulb.edu. Use "Faculty Connections" as the subject line.
  3. Nominate someone - We will reach out to the nominee respectfully. Involvement is voluntary, and again, they can be involved on their own terms.
  4. *Written spotlight* - Create a spotlight using text and links, using some of our existing set of questions for spotlights. Examples include, "What motivated you to first use the strategy?" and "What are the benefits for students and teachers?"
  5. *Video spotlight* - Same as above, but with video.

Foster Peer-Learning

Peer-learning is valuable. Whether you are starting to teach, or have been teaching for 20+ years, someone else's work can inspire new ideas. Here are some additional ways to foster peer-learning.

  1. Talk with a fellow faculty member about what they're doing in their classroom.
  2. Ask for a peer's advice on a challenge you're facing.
  3. Visit a colleague's classroom.
  4. Organize a group discussion to collaborate on different ideas.