All Information & Communication Technology (ICT) goods or services acquired in the form of computers, hardware, software systems, software maintenance, telecommunications, applications, websites, digital subscriptions or other digital technology products, including Televisions, etc. or sensitive items that contain level 1 or level 2 data require review and approval, even if acquired at zero cost.

When do I need an E&IT Checklist approval?

ICT Procurement Compliance Review (PCR) process

  1. Submit an E&IT Checklist - This will create a ticket that will be reviewed by both Procurement & DoIT. (Procurement will notify you when your ticket is approved and complete. You can review the status of your ticket at any time by logging into the IT Help Chiclet found under your CSULB Single Sign-On.)
  2. Once you have received approval, you may then move forward with your acquisition. (This process must be completed before acquiring your goods or services.)

For mobile or cellular devices, refer to Telephones.

For Drones, refer to Drones.

For 3D Printers, refer to Equipment.

Please note that Procurement Compliance Reviews (PCR) may take up to a minimum of 10 days or more to process, so please plan accordingly.