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Day 1 Digital Access

Day 1 Digital Access 


Day 1 Digital Access (D1DA) is a new program at CSULB that allows students FREE access to the required course materials in a digital format on the first day of classes through BeachBoard. Discounted pricing has been negotiated with publishers, and any student who wishes to keep access will get charged to their CSULB Student Center account after the first add/drop deadline (without W). If students do not wish to continue their access, they must OPT OUT before the first add/drop deadline (without W), which is generally 2 weeks after the start of the regular Fall or Spring semester.


Although new to CSULB, this program has already been in place at various universities and colleges around the nation, more commonly known as Inclusive Access (UC Davis) and Immediate Access (San Diego State). D1DA is a collaborative effort between faculty, publishers/vendors, and CSULB services. 


Two Main Goals

  • Reduce the costs of course materials
  • Provide access to the required course material on the first day of classes 


Frequently Asked Questions – Faculty



What are the benefits to D1DA? 

  • FREE and immediate access on the first day of classes for your students 
  • Faculty currently in the program mentioned this as their main benefit as they can start readings and assignments on the first week of classes 
  • Negotiated discounted pricing on the required course material in a digital format  
  • Available through BeachBoard so you can send your students to one place 
  • RedShelf Analytics (for e-books) so you can view how much your students are reading/studying along with which sections/pages 

I’m interested in D1DA. How do I participate? 


For courseware titles, when submitting your textbook adoption, please submit your normal textbooks, and towards the end of the process, place a note saying you are interested in D1DA. You can also email directly. 


For e-books, you can also place a note at the end of the textbook adoption process saying you are interested in D1DA. In addition, after all textbook adoptions are entered into our system, we email our participating publisher partners asking for D1DA pricing. We evaluate pricing information and send emails to all eligible faculty if they’re interested in participating in the D1DA program. 


Is there a deadline to request D1DA? 


Due to the logistics of the program and integration with BeachBoard, the deadline is generally 1-2 months after the textbook adoption campus due date. The textbook adoption campus due date is generally the last Friday of March and October for the following semester. 


Why didn’t I get a D1DA e-book email invite? 

Your title may not have been eligible due to participating publishers in the program, whether it’s pricing or the title is not part of the program for the semester. Also, it’s possible that your name wasn’t assigned to a class section yet for the schedule (if it’s STAFF, there’s no email linked to the class). 


I changed sections, what do I do? 


Please email us at as soon as possible so that we can request integration for your current section. Please note there may be delays. 


I don’t want to participate anymore, what do I do? 


Please email us at immediately so that we can cancel your class from the D1DA program. Please note that your students will be charged for D1DA in your class so we’ll need to know before the first add/drop date so that we can make sure they don’t get charged. 


Will you still carry print copies? 


A sub-goal for the program is to facilitate the transition to digital course materials. With that, if we have leftover physical books from a previous semester, we will sell them in-store. If we do not have any leftover physical copies, a “print upgrade” will be offered through the program. Please note that all “print upgrade” features are different per publisher. 


I’m not sure whether I should participate. Why should my class participate in D1DA? 


The two main benefits are the FREE access on the first day of class, and the negotiated discounted pricing from publishers. Most instructors mention the FREE access on the first day as their main benefit as they can start readings and assignments right away. 


We understand that this program is not for everyone. This program is intended to reduce the cost of course materials and provide access on the first day of classes. 

With that, although this program is new to CSULB, we’ve already learned quite a few things. Another consideration to make in answering whether your class should participate is to look at reasons why D1DA may not be the right choice for your class. You may not want to implement D1DA into your class if: 

  • Your textbook is recommended for students to purchase but NOT actually required 
  • You think your students should have print copies instead of digital 
  • Your students are allowed to use old editions of textbooks for your class 
  • Your textbook is easily available at a cheaper price from the online marketplace such as Amazon 


Please feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about D1DA. We also recommend reaching out to your publisher representative and speaking with your faculty colleagues who may be participating in the program.  


Frequently Asked Questions - Students 



How do I enroll in D1DA? 


If you register for a class in which the instructor is participating in D1DA, you are automatically opted into the program. You will be notified via your school email on the first day of classes if you are enrolled in any D1DA classes. 


What are the benefits to D1DA? 

  • FREE and immediate access on the first day of classes 
  • Discounted pricing on the required course material in a digital format 

How do I opt out? 

  • After logging into the class on BeachBoard, navigate to the “Content” tab. Your instructor should have set up a “D1DA link” (often titled slight variations of “Access Your E-Book” or “D1DA E-Book”). After clicking the link, which takes you to the D1DA provider website (usually, there will be an opt-out button on the bottom of your book/course shown. 
  • We will be sending instructors a copy of the student access + opt out instructions, which contain screenshots, and will ask instructors to share these with their students. 
  • We will also be emailing these instructions out to the class roster in all participating D1DA classes via the school email on file. 

I opted out. Can I opt back in? 


Yes, please email us at if you’d like to opt back in.


How much does it cost? 


The price for each D1DA course material is different. Please visit for pricing information. 


I dropped the class. Do I still need to opt out? 


If you dropped before the first add/drop deadline (without W), you will not need to opt out. If you dropped out afterwards, please reach out to us at  


How do I pay?


After the first add/drop deadline, your CSULB Student Center account will be charged. You can pay online through your MyCSULB Student Center or in-person by visiting the Financial Services at Brotman Hall. 


How do I request a print copy or a print upgrade? 


If we have leftover books from a previous semester, we will carry print copies in the bookstore. However, if we don’t have any leftover books, a “print upgrade” feature should pop up as an option after the first add/drop deadline. Please note that all “print upgrade” features are different per publisher. 


If I opted out and changed sections, do I have to opt out again? 


Yes, you will need to opt out again since it is a new section and only your opt out from the original section was recorded. 


How do I know if my class is participating in D1DA? 


Your instructor should inform you that the class is participating in the D1DA program and about opting out. However, in the case that you added the class late and missed that information, you can find out by visiting, and there will be a note with classes participating in D1DA. 


In addition, we will send out 3 emails to the school email on file for all students in a participating D1DA class. One on the first day of classes, the second during the second week of classes, and the third on the final day that students can opt out. 


I’m a student with funds from Veteran Services, Dept. of Rehab, or have a scholarship card. How can I use these funds? 


Please visit Customer Service inside the University Bookstore and let them know. They’ll ring up the D1DA on your account or scholarship card, and we’ll reach out to the e-book or courseware provider to make sure you don’t lose access. Please do not opt out, as you will lose access. However, if you are purchasing a print copy, please do make sure to opt out so that your CSULB Student Center account does not get charged. 


I’m a student with disabilities and need a physical copy or a different format. What do I do? 


Please reach out to the Bob Murphy Access Center at (562) 985-5401 or, as soon as you know you have a class participating in D1DA. They will be able to facilitate obtaining a physical copy or a copy in a format that you need.