Summer Guidance for Incoming COE Transfer Students

Welcome to California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) and the College of Engineering (COE). We're honored you selected CSULB and are excited to help you achieve a smooth and successful start to your college career.

Student Orientation Advising and Registration (SOAR) Experience Overview

The SOAR Experience consists of two processes (each with multiple components):

  • Orientation led by SOAR
  • Advising and Registration led by Engineering Student Success Center’s (ESSC) Academic Advising Team

Your Orientation and Class Registration dates are linked. When you register for SOAR Orientation Workshop (on campus), you are assigned the corresponding Class Registration date (online).

Freshmen Dates
If your Orientation Workshop Is On Your Class Registration (Advising and Registration) Is On
July 14 (Computer Science and Computer Engineering only) July 18 (virtual)
July 15 (Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering only) July 19 (virtual)
July 18 (Computer Science and Chemical Engineering only) July 20  (virtual)
July 19 (Construction Engineering Management, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Engineering only) July 21 (virtual)
July 20 (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and Electrical Engineering only) July 22 (virtual)
July 21 (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and Electrical Engineering only) July 25 (virtual)
July 22 (All COE Transfer Students) July 26  (virtual)
Aug. 8 (All COE Transfer Students) Aug. 10  (virtual)

COE Advising and Registration Assistance

Faculty advisors will review transfer credits posted in MyCSULB and provide Fall 2022 course recommendations. These recommendations will be provided (via email) prior to one’s Advising and Registration date. Brief first-semester advising and scheduling assistance will be available via Zoom on the Advising and Registration dates listed above. Zoom links and times for Advising and Registration events will be provided as those dates approach.

Please note that each major/faculty advisor may have a different advising and registration assistance process. Additionally, in-depth major advising and long-term academic planning will be available during the Fall semester’s Mandatory Transfer Advising process.