Focus Areas

CSULB College of Engineering researchers embrace a wide range of interests, from big data and cybersecuity to manufacturing and robotics. And often, as in the case of Biomedical Engineering, indisciplinary cooperation is key.  Read more below to find faculty doing research in specific subject areas. 

Faculty conducting research in aerospace systems work in additive manufacturing, aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, flight mechanics control, propulsion and combustion, structural mechanics design, and materials optimization. Meet the researchers in this area.

Faculty conducting research in computing are using algorithms to command robots, artificial intelligence and computational modeling to deliver biomedical applications, cryptography to keep computer systems secure, and sustainable practices to improve software design. Meet the researchers in this area.

With a newly launched Biomedical Engineering major, the College of Engineering is building a strong reputation for research in this area. Researchers come from Brown, Harvard, Stanford, and UCLA, and are working on engineered tissue, biomedical applications, brain injuries, mechanics, microfabricatio, robotic systems, and more. Meet the researchers in this area

Embracing expertise in biological water reclamation, environmental microbiology, alternative energy, and hydrology and water resources, researchers in this area are working toward a better environment. Meet researchers in this area.

With major industry partners such as Boeing, DENSO, and Northrop Grumman, the College of Engineering has a strong foundation in research to advance manufacturing and robotics. Meet researchers in this area.

From developing new composites and polymers to understanding how to create tougher metals for cars and automobiles, researchers in this area are working to improve the material world. Meet researchers in this area

Our electrical systems are in need of improvement. Researchers in this area have expertise in smart grids, smart buildings, sensor networks, and communication controls. Meet researchers in this area.

The CSULB College of Engineering is home to the National Center for Transportation, Green Technologies, and Education, and also offers training to materials engineers under a partnership with Caltrans. Meet researchers in this area.