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Fall 2021 Convocation

Thank you for attending the College of Engineering Convocation and College Retreat to kick off the Fall 2021 Semester. 

Meeting Agenda


9:00 Welcome and Announcements (Jinny Rhee)​

9:05 Undergraduate Programs, F21 Classes (Antonella Sciortino)​

9:10 Graduate Programs and Research, F21 classes (Hamid Rahai)​

9:15 Facilities Updates (Glen Seymour)​

9:20 Safety Updates (Chibby Obiefuna)​

9:25 ASM Updates (DeeDee Green)​

9:30 New Engineering Building (Nicole Forrest Boggs)​

9:35 Department Updates (Department Chairs)​

9:55 Dean’s Vision and Values for COE (Jinny Rhee)​

10:05 California Faculty Assn. (Daniel Whisler)​

10:10 Closing and Acknowledgements (Jinny Rhee)​

10:15-10:30 Break

College Retreat Agenda

The retreat is optional. If you're interested in attending, please review Beach 2030 and come with Action Plan ideas for COE.

10:30 Strategic Planning Status and Acknowledgements (Jinny Rhee)​

10:35 Overview of Beach 2030 and Strategy from Other Colleges (Dan O’Connor, Associate Dean, CLA)​

10:40 Beach 2030 Action Plans​
• Build an Equitable and Empowering Culture (Sergio Mendez)​
• Be a Student-Ready University (Antonella Sciortino)​
• Reimagine Faculty (Daniel Whistler)​
• Reimagine Staff (DeeDee Green)​
• Build a Growth Strategy (Hamid Rahai)​
• Advance Partnerships for the Public Good (Nicole Forrest Boggs)​
• Be a Future-Ready University (Dan O’Connor)​

11:00  Breakout Groups​

11:30  Breakout Group Reports​

11:50 Conclusion (Jinny Rhee)

Message from the Dean

Dr. Jinny Rhee joins the CSULB College of Engineering from San Jose State Unioversity, where she served as associate dean of the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering. Find out more

Beach 2030

CSULB is poised to chart a new path in higher education, one that will focus the efforts of the students, faculty, staff, administration, and community partners on a shared vision. Find out more