2024 Faculty Stipend Recipients Announced

Ethics Across the Curriculum and Ethics Research Stipend Recipients Announced

To advance our vision of having an ethics module in every CSULB course, twenty-two $3,000 stipends are being granted to faculty for integrating 3-hour ethics modules into their courses.  The Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership has awarded over $500,000 in Ethics Across the Curriculum stipends since the program was initiated in 2005.  The 2023-2024 proposal review committee, chaired by Danny Paskin (Journalism and Public Relations), selected the following faculty stipend recipients:

Ethics Across the Curriculum Stipends

  • Sandra Arevalo – Ethics, Climate Change and Health (Human Development)
  • Jesus Ayala – Integrating Ethical Use of Video in Journalism Curriculum (Journalism and Public Relations)
  • John Becker – Religion and Nature: Framing Religious Ecologies of Justice (Religious Studies)
  • Shivani Bothra –Ethical Foundations of South Asian Traditions: Exploring Values and Virtues of Living Traditions (Religious Studies)
  • Worapron Chanthapan – Ethics and Framing: The Responsibility of Public Relations Practitioners (Journalism and Public Relations)
  • Tyler Dilts – The Ethics of Representation for Fiction Writers (English)
  • Shirley Feldmann-Jensen – Ethical Challenges, Decision Making, and the Professional Code of Ethics for Emergency Management (Criminology, Criminal Justice and Emergency Management)
  • Casey Goeller – Ethical Considerations of using OpenAI (Chat GPT) in the Classroom (Family and Consumer Sciences – Gerontology)
  • Aiden Lee –Integrating Ethical Considerations into Marketing and Analytics Education (Marketing)
  • Seungjoon Lee – Ethical Modeling and Communication in Data Science (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Yuping Mao – Applying Various Ethical Perspectives to Understand and Resolve Intercultural Conflicts (Communication Studies)
  • Tina Matuchniak – Ethical Considerations When Using AI for College Writing(English)
  • Rezenet Moges-Riedel – Ethical Reflectivity of each Positionality as an Able-Bodied and/or Hearing Person in a Disabled or Deaf Space (American Sign Language, Linguistics, and Deaf Cultures)
  • Nayawiyyah Muhammad – Faith and Race: Environmental and Social Justice across Communities (Religious Studies)
  • Jennifer Newton – Dark Public Relations Tactics in a Post-Truth Era: Navigating Ethical and Unethical Practices in Modern-Day Journalism and Public Relations (Journalism and Public Relations)
  • Teresa Puente – Applying Cultural Competence and Ethics in Journalistic Coverage of Latinx Communities (Journalism and Public Relations)
  • Wikrom Prombutr – Ethical Issues in Company Valuation: A Deep Dive into Controversial ESG Companies  (Finance)
  • Loretta Ramirez – Hauntology as Homecoming: Cultural Rhetorics Ethics Module (Chicano and Latino Studies)
  • Itxaso Rodriguez – Ethically Assessing Bi/Multilingualism in Children (Linguistics)
  • Hojong Shin – Global Financial Crisis and Ethics (Finance)
  • Shams Tanvir – Ethical Issues in Transportation Engineering: A Vital Step Towards Sustainable Mobility (Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering Management)
  • Tina Zhao – Ethical Issues in Government Budget Cycle (Public Administration)

Faculty Ethics Research Stipends

To strengthen its research pillar, the Ukleja Center also offers $5,000 Faculty Ethics Research Stipends to support original research and contribute to the body of knowledge in disciplinary and interdisciplinary ethics.  $110,000 has been awarded since this program began in 2013.  The review committee, chaired by Maria Carpiac (Family and Consumer Sciences – Gerontology), is pleased to announce the following 2023-2024 research stipend recipients:

  • Shadnaz Asgari – Artificial Intelligence Fairness in Clinical Decision Support Systems (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Ezgi Yildiz – Compromising Under State Pressure: The European Court of Human Rights Walking Back on Rights of Refugees (Political Science)

Congratulations to all our faculty stipend recipients and thank you for bringing our vision to life – enhancing the integration of ethics across the entire CSULB campus!