2023 Faculty Stipend Recipients Announced

Ethics Across the Curriculum and Ethics Research Stipend Recipients Announced

To advance our vision of having an ethics module in every CSULB course, seventeen $3,000 stipends are being granted to faculty for integrating 3-hour ethics modules into their courses.  The Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership has awarded over $450,000 in Ethics Across the Curriculum stipends since the program was initiated in 2005.  The 2022-2023 proposal review committee, chaired by Danny Paskin (Journalism and Public Relations), selected the following faculty stipend recipients:

Ethics Across the Curriculum Stipends

  • Babette Benken – Ethical Considerations of Research in Mathematics Education (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Donna Binkiewicz – Understanding Immigration History, Policy, and Ethical Choices (History)
  • Brian Cole – From Ethical Theories to Action: Promoting and Balancing Ethical Principles in Public Health Practice (Health Science)
  • Kate Flach – Ethical Appeals for Black Civil Rights (History)
  • Greg Gaynor – Teaching Ethics in Financial and Cost Accounting: Emphasizing Both the Positive and Negative Ramifications of Ethical vs. Non-Ethical Financial Reporting (Accountancy)
  • Anna Gluzman – Instagram in Creative Teaching of Ethics: Ethical Dilemmas in Sociological Research through Social Media (Sociology)
  • Cindy Gotz – Operationalizing Ethical Concepts within the Health Care Administration Internship (Health Care Administration)
  • JinHee Hur – Ethics in Language Development: Effectively Supporting Children who are Dual Language Learners (Family and Consumer Sciences – Child Development and Family Studies)
  • Elena Ionescu – Ethical Concerns and Biogerontology (Family and Consumer Sciences – Gerontology)
  • Seung-hoon Jeong – Biopolitical Ethics in Global Cinema (Film and Electronic Arts)
  • Kimberly Kelly – Dismantling Systemic Environmental Racism: The Ethics of Climate Justice (Human Development)
  • Kevin Mills – Ethical Issues in the Renewable Energy Supply Chain (Management and Human Resource Management)
  • John Palmer – Ethics and Corporate Fraud Impacts on Corporate Governance (Accountancy)
  • Steven Rousso-Schindler – Ethical Challenges in the Production of Visual Anthropology Projects (Anthropology)
  • Shabnam Sodagari – Reaching Equitable Quantum Assessment  (Computer Engineering and Computer Science)
  • Jeanelle Uy – Ethical Research in Biological Anthropology  (Anthropology)
  • Claudia Barrulas Yefremian – Personal Ethical Code in Decision Analysis  (Management and Human Resource Management)

Faculty Ethics Research Stipends

To strengthen its research pillar, the Ukleja Center also offers $5,000 Faculty Ethics Research Stipends to support original research and contribute to the body of knowledge in disciplinary and interdisciplinary ethics.  $100,000 has been awarded since this program began in 2013.  The review committee, chaired by Maria Claver (Family and Consumer Sciences – Gerontology), is pleased to announce the following 2022-2023 research stipend recipients:

  • Lauren Heidbrink – Age Assessments of Unaccompanied Children in U.S. Federal Custody (Human Development)
  • Devery Rodgers – Coded Bias: Exploring Algorithms of Oppression (Educational Leadership)

Congratulations to all our faculty stipend recipients and thank you for bringing our vision to life–enhancing the integration of ethics across the entire CSULB campus!