SCPD Questions and Answers

All our programs were designed to help students prepare for the business world. By participating in our programs, students will have the opportunity to develop, improve, and fine-tune their soft skills (i.e. communication, teamwork, leadership, negotiation, interviewing, ethics, etc.), attend networking events, connect with business leaders and make professional connections before graduation, and give back to the community. All activities are extremely rewarding and great resume builders. The true benefits go beyond your time in school.

It varies, mainly depending on how much one intends to get involved. Students may participate in all our programs, a few, or only one; it is all up to each individual and how much they want to get out of SCPD. It is important to keep in mind that in order to receive the benefits of the programs, students must participate! There can be no benefit or recognition if the student signs up to become a member but never participate in any of the programs.

*Please be mindful of the time commitments required for academics, work, social events and other extracurricular activities (i.e. sports or student organizations). Each program requires a specific time commitment, and students are responsible for ensuring that once they make a commitment, they will keep that commitment.

Although SCPD's programs are mainly designed for undergraduate business students, we always extend the invitation to non-CBA students, and MBA candidates to attend the Business Professional Certificate (BPC) workshops.

Should non-CBA students, be interested in Community Scholars, we encourage them to contact us.

Due to high demand, participation in our mentoring programs is reserved for CBA undergraduate majors and minors.

Yes, SCPD offers resume workshops that can help students better prepare for job or internship searches, effective networking, how to make your resume stand out, and interviewing. Also, mentors in our mentoring programs can give students valuable advice on how to create a strong resume.

Definitely add SCPD to your resume. Being a part of SCPD shows a potential employer your extra-curricular involvement and your willingness to go above and beyond your duties, and your commitment to developing yourself as a business professional, a leader, and engaged citizen.

If you need assistance with how to best feature your participation in SCPD, basic resume or cover letter help, please contact us.