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Become a Scholarship Donor

Scholarships are an important source of funding for our students. The university annually awards over 1,000 scholarships, providing support for students based on both academic and merit achievements. This funding is made possible through the generous support of our donors. If you are interested in either contributing to an existing or creating a new scholarship, please take some time to review the following options:


Create a New Scholarship (Donors only)

Donors have many reasons for why they wish to create new scholarships. Quite often they want to provide funding for students who embody certain ideals. These ideals may resemble their own development as a person or an individual who was a mentor. There are many criteria that new scholarships can be based upon.

To create a scholarship with a particular major or field of interest, contact the appropriate Director of Development to assist you in establishing the scholarship (ex. scholarship for finance majors are created though the College of Business Administration Development Office).

Contributing to an Existing Scholarship Program

There are many amazing programs at CSULB to which you may want to support. If you are interested in giving to an existing scholarship program, visit for information about where to give and ways to give.

There are several scholarship programs that currently exist at California State University, Long Beach. Each varies in design and purpose, ranging from helping students pay for the cost of a single textbook to providing a completely funded college education. Other programs have been created out of the generosity of individuals, organizations, businesses, and foundations. We accept contributions made to each of these programs. Please view each and determine if this is where you would like to help students.