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COB At a Glance

Published June 22, 2020

Summer 2020 news from the Support Centers and Awards and Accomplishments of the Staff and Faculty of the CSULB College of Business

Center for Student Success

The COB Center for Student Success has been focused on assisting about 1,500 Fall 2020 Business students with registration and preparing for their academic journey at CSULB.  CSS has also been busy with two new initiatives for our students, 1) COB Boot Camp to prepare students for upper-division business coursework and 2) The First Year Initiative, where 117 of our incoming Freshman are placed in a learning community through linked business courses.

Student Center for Professional Development

SCPD’s mentorship, internship, and business skill development programs helped over 900 students during the 2019-2020 academic year. At the start of the academic year, it implemented a virtual mentoring platform, Qooper, which helped it maintain a close connection with students and volunteers in its mentorship programs. Student recruitment for the 2020-2021 Corporate Mentorship Program began in spring and at the end of May, CMP had received 165 applications from students seeking mentors.

Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership

As a university-wide interdisciplinary center of excellence housed in the College of Business, the Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership offers training to enhance the integration of ethics in everything we do.  During its 15th year of operations, the center engaged students, faculty, and community leaders through programs and activities that embody its core values of integrity, servant leadership, excellence, and empowerment.  With the Class of 2020 completing the center’s two-semester Student Leadership Institute this spring, there are now over 285 program alumni putting their ethical leadership training into practice at work, home, and in their communities.  Our special thanks go to Professors John and Kathleen Lacey for teaching this life-changing course!

International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition

Earlier this spring, the 56th annual International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition was held as a virtual competition for the first time. Three teams from the College of Business won first place in their respective competitions. The winning teams are TeethTribe, What-A-Crock, and Tune-Heads. For more information, please visit: CSULB College of Business ICBSC