Transfer Success Pathway

Considering enrolling in a California community college next fall? You could be eligible for a new CSU dual admission program that guarantees you a spot at Cal State Long Beach after you complete 3 years of community college!

The new Transfer Success Pathway program is designed to create a seamless path for eligible students who may have faced academic, financial, or personal hardships that once prevented them from attending CSULB.

For Fall 2024, the Transfer Success Pathways application window is August 1 - September 30, 2024.

  • Enter into an agreement with California State University and receive guaranteed admission to a specific degree program at CSULB (if all requirements are met)
  • Receive personalized guidance from CSULB representatives to create an educational plan 
  • Map out coursework using the online CSU Transfer Planner portal (coming soon) 

See below for eligibility requirements:

In order to be eligible for the Transfer Success Pathway, you must be a graduating high school student from the class of 2024 and meet one of the following requirements below:

  • If you faced academic, financial or personal hardships that prevented you from attending any CSU
  • All CSU redirected first-time, first-year applicants who opted not to enroll at any CSU campus

Be sure to also explore the Major-Specific Degree Requirements of your desired program.

Transfer Success Pathway applicants may select one of the available programs listed below at CSULB:

For a complete listing of all CSULB degree programs, visit Colleges & Departments. Please note that only the programs listed above are accepting Transfer Success Pathway applications.

Students may enroll in the Transfer Success Pathway program between August 1 and September 30, 2024. Access the application online via


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Applicants can attend multiple community colleges; however, a student can only apply to one program and have one Transfer Success Pathway agreement.

If a student decides to change to another campus or program in the future, they must submit a request for release and allow time for the campus to review. Students can request to cancel their agreement at any time. However, the ability to select another campus or major is only during the enrollment period between August 1 and September 30, 2024.


If a student requests to be released from their original agreement, they can elect to do an agreement with another campus or program provided it is within the filing period for an agreement. If a student is deemed to be ineligible for the Transfer Success Pathway program by any campus, they will not be able to enter into any agreement with any other CSU campus and those students will not be able to utilize CSU Transfer Planner.

Once a student has entered into an agreement for one of CSULB's program, unfortunately the program selection cannot be changed to another CSULB program. 

Please be aware that not every degree program at CSULB is eligible for the Transfer Success Pathway. If a program you are interested in is not listed in the "Available Degree Programs" section on this page, you are invited to apply through the standard application pathway for transfer students.

Learn more about Transfer Student Eligibility and Application Process.