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Steps for Newly Admitted Transfers

Once you have received your official offer of admission, there are important steps you will need to take prior to enrolling in classes at CSULB.


1. Accept Your Admit Offer & Submit Your Enrollment Deposit

Go to your MyCSULB Student Center and click on “Need Help Signing in?” Next, you will need to click on "Activate Account".  Follow the step-by-step instructions to activate your account. You will be asked to provide information to identify yourself and to create a secure password.  
Once you have activated your account and logged in, navigate to your Student Center tab. Scroll down to the bottom, look for the section header "Admissions" and select Accept option.

To accept your admission offer,  you must also submit an Enrollment Deposit.  If you qualify for a Financial Aid waiver then the online process will automatically notify you.  If you do not qualify for a waiver, you will need to pay the Enrollment Deposit via MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or electronic check.  For timely processing, we strongly suggest you submit your admission acceptance and Enrollment Deposit online via your MyCSULB Student Center.  You will receive immediate confirmation that your acceptance and deposit have been accepted. 

  • Remember your response is due no later than May 1 for a Fall semester and December 1 for a Spring semester.

2. Satisfy the Terms of Your Admission Offer

It is important to understand that admission to the University is a multi-step process.  Our offer of Conditional Admission is based on the information you reported on your Supplemental Application.  As you would imagine, this information will need to be confirmed based on submission of official academic records, including college transcripts, test scores, verifications of degree, or military records.  Your first responsibility in satisfying the terms of your admission offer is to submit official copies of all requested documents in time to meet the published deadline.  

Once we receive your official documents, we will make a careful review of your academic record.  We will expect to see that you have met the minimum criteria for CSU eligibility and that you have accurately reported your progress towards meeting the lower division preparation for your intended major.  Some of the things we will be checking for include:

  • The Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT):  
    Did you report that you are participating in the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) as part of your application for admission? 
    If so, we will need confirmation from your Community College that you are in the correct program and that you intend to graduate prior to beginning your enrollment at CSULB.  If for any reason you will not be completing your ADT as originally reported, please contact Enrollment Services immediately as this could affect your admission status.  
  • Grade Point Averages:
    Is the grade point average you reported on your Supplemental Application accurate?
    Based on your official college transcripts we will be calculating your overall college grade point to see if it is close to what you indicated.  Additionally, some programs require a minimum GPA for lower division course work in their major.  You will not be penalized for minor inaccuracies, but we do expect to see a grade point average that is competitive for your intended major.   
  • Course Work Completed:  
    Based on your transcripts and/or test scores, we will verify that you have completed (or will complete) sufficient units to meet junior standing (60 transferable semester units/90 transferable quarter units) or better.  We will also review your academic record to verify that you have completed (or will complete) courses appropriate to meet CSU General Education requirements and Major Specific Requirements for admission.
  • Course Work Planned:
    Courses you indicated as “Planned” on your Supplemental Application should be completed with a least a grade of “C” or better, but you should endeavor to maintain a competitive grade point average.  Please remember that courses should be completed in the timeframe originally indicated on your Supplemental Application; if you withdraw from a course in order to take it a future term, you may jeopardize your admission status.
  • Department Approval:  
    Some Highly Impacted majors require submission of additional documentation directly to the academic department, and the admission offer is subject to the approval of the faculty.

The admission offer is conditional based on a review of your official records by the Office of Enrollment Services.  We will be communicating with you by email with the result of our review, so be sure we have a current and correct address for you, and that you check your email often.  If we find that an applicant is no longer CSU eligible and/or competitive in their major, then we may withdraw our offer of admission.   Please contact us at the Office of Enrollment Services if you have any questions or concerns at (562) 985-5471, or by email at

For more information on satisfying the terms of your admission offer, visit the application process.

3. Review Costs and Financial Aid Options

Visit the Financial Aid website for detailed costs and funding options available. 

4. Register for the GPE

Transfer students must take the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement Placement Exam (GPE) no later than their first semester at CSULB. We strongly encourage you to take the exam one month prior to attending SOAR orientation. This will assure that you are placed in the correct sequence of classes when you register during SOAR orientation. 

5. Attend Orientation (SOAR)

6. Learn About Using MyCSULB & BeachBoard

MyCSULB is your online center for class registration, financial aid awards and personalized student account information.  BeachBoard is CSULB’s online learning environment that includes online course catalogs, virtual classrooms, resources and more. Take some time to learn about these online tools as you will be using them often during your time at CSULB.

7. Set Up Your CSULB Email

CSULB students are required to maintain a CSULB email address on file with the university and to check their email regularly as the university uses email as the official means of communication.  Activate your BeachMail account here.

8. Apply for Housing

On campus housing is not a requirement for transfer students, but if you are in need of housing, please visit Housing for more information.

9. Immunizations

All incoming CSULB students are required to complete a series of mandatory immunizations prior to registration. To learn more about this requirement, please visit our Student Health Services website for more information. 

10. Fall 2020 Admissions Update FAQ

Due to the unprecedented growth of the COVID-19 pandemic the CSU system has made updates to the Fall 2020 admissions requirements. CSU Long Beach is here to assist all newly admitted students through these changes and answer any questions or concerns you may have. The Office of Admissions in partnership with the University Outreach and School Relations (UOSR) department have put together a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to assist with answering the most common questions we have received so far via phone and email for Transfer Students.