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Earth Science

The Earth Science Department is a student-centered program that provides undergraduate students with substantial laboratory- and field-based instruction and opportunities to participate in research. Graduate students investigate a considerable range and variety of research topics for their theses. Our program has a proud tradition with a continuing commitment in preparing our students for professional careers or further post-graduate education.

Our program is based solidly in fundamental geological skills with an emphasis in field experiences. We are located 10 minutes from the beach, one hour from the mountains and the San Andreas Fault, and two hours from the desert!

Why Study Earth Science

Geologists are scientific detectives who uncover the past, investigate the present and predict the future of Earth. For example, geologists determine where it is safe to live, where to find essential resources, how to deal with pollution and environmental changes, and how to remediate the damage to Earth. Students who enjoy working and recreating outdoors and are curious about how the world around them works will find this field a rewarding area of study.

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