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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Our Department is committed to rigorous and innovative curriculum that focuses on developing problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills, and provides high quality education in chemistry and biochemistry. We offer accredited bachelor of science degrees, robust bachelor of arts degrees, and research-intensive masters degrees.

Department Highlights

college students graduating

Learn about our research-driven M.S. Chemistry and M.S. Biochemistry programs! Or consult with our graduate advisors for information on funding opportunities and details on how to apply.

Julie Wahlman

We welcome Dr. Julie Wahlman as our newest faculty member. She will teach Organic Chemistry and conduct research in Organometallic chemistry. She joins us from the University of Utah as a former NIH Ruth Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellow.

Cu-PPF-1 crystalline network

Dr. Fangyuan Tian was awarded a prestigious NSF CAREER award for "Surface Chemistry of Crystalline Coordination Networks." It will be used to study electron transfer processes in 2D frameworks.

Isoform-Dependdent Redox Regulation of Actin

Dr. Elena Grintsevich was awarded a prestigious NSF CAREER award to support work in biochemistry on "Isoform-Dependent Redox Regulation of Actin."

Nishi Rauth, Deepali Bhandari, and Miguel Palma

Nishi Rauth (l) and Miguel Palma (r), both from Dr. Bhandari's (mid) lab, won the Glenn Nagel Undergraduate and the Don Eden Graduate Research Awards, respectively, at the 34th Annual CSUPERB symposium.

ABRCMS 2021 awardees for best poster

Biochemistry undergrad research students Nishi Rauth (l), Jordan Cook (mid), and Madeleine Phan (r) from the Bhandari, Schwans, and Dawson labs received best poster awards at the ABRCMS Virtual Conference 2021.

Recurring Events

  • Department Seminar - weekly
    The Seminar is an opportunity for students to learn the current research of professional scientists