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college students graduating

Learn about our research-driven M.S. Chemistry and M.S. Biochemistry programs! Or consult with our graduate advisors for information on funding opportunities and details on how to apply.

Danna De Boer

In cooperation with the American Chemical Society (ACS), the German Academic Exchange Service will grant student Danna De Boer (from the Sorin Lab) a scholarship to carry out training at Technische Universität Darmstadt.

outreach experience with graduate student

Dept Technician Alex Long and grad student Kristi Ishihara are receiving accolades for aiding Prof. Tian with initiating a new hands-on outreach program @TheBeach for AP Chem students at Sante Fe High School.

Prof. Slowinska with Lab Students

Slowinska Lab researchers won awards for best graduate (Phelicita Bell, far left) and undergraduate (Darian Gamble, far right) poster presentations at the 2019 FACSS SciX meeting.

Jason Schwans

Prof. Young-Seok Shon recently received a 3-year, $213k National Science Foundation grant to study the impact of lipids on non-covalent interactions between nanoparticles and substrates.

Paul Weers Research Group

Prof. Paul Weers (right) received a 4-year, $442k National Institutes of Health SCORE grant to fund his study Mechanism of initiation of lipid binding of apolipoprotein A-I.

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