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Undergraduate Programs

Three undergraduate degrees are offered by the Physics and Astronomy Department, as well as a minor.

B.S. in Physics

The Bachelor of Science degree is designed for students interested in immediate employment in industry or wishing to continue on to a Master's or Ph.D. degree in physics or a related field.

B.A. in Physics

The Bachelor of Arts degree is appropriate for those preparing for teaching careers in the physical sciences at the secondary level, as well as those whose goal is a liberal art education with an emphasis on physics, or engineers interested in a double major.

B.S. in Physics: Option in Materials Science

The Materials Science option is designed primarily for those interested in careers that involve the physics of materials and the study of materials in relation to their applications. It is particularly appropriate for those seeking employment in private industry or government service as well as those students contemplating graduate work in these fields.

Minor in Physics

Additional information can be found in the CSULB Catalog: Physics and Astronomy.

Research Project for Undergraduates

We encourage all undergraduate students, irrespective of their career choice, to participate in a project with one of the faculty. These projects generally take place during the semester or the summer. This is an excellent way to obtain hands-on experience through experimental or theoretical physics activities and get a taste of what beyond-the-classroom Physics is about.