Supplemental Application

After submitting your Cal State Apply application, you may be required to submit a Supplemental Application. The Supplemental Application for Transfer is an online application that is specific to you, is specific to your intended major, and is specific to CSU Long Beach. You will be asked to review and confirm your academic record, including all colleges attended. You will also be asked to confirm your CSU eligibility and you will also be asked to report your progress towards completion of your Major Specific admission criteria.    

It is critical that the Supplemental Application is accurately completed and in its entirety.  You are encouraged to review your academic records and to consult with counselors before you complete the Supplemental Application. Please note that, unlike the Cal State application, you will be given several weeks to complete the Supplemental Application, and you will have the opportunity to revisit your application and adjust your answers before the final deadline.  

Transfer Applicants can click on this link during the submission period to: 

Please note: Please do not submit transcripts or other documents unless requested.


  • Spring 2024 Admission:
    Submission period: September 1 - September 21, 2023.

    The supplemental application will be completed in September so that Summer grades can be included. Courses must be completed by the prior summer term to be considered for Spring admission.
  • Fall 2024 Admission:
    Submission period: January 4 - February 1, 2024.

    The supplemental application will be completed in January so that Fall grades and Spring enrollment can be included. Courses must be completed by the prior spring term to be considered for Fall admission.

Video tutorials below feature the classic (prior to 12/01/23) MyCSULB Student Center experience. See What’s New with MyCSULB Student Center.

For a preview of the Supplemental application and information on how to prepare to complete it, we suggest that you review:

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