Setting up a Dropbox - Turnitin

To enable Turnitin® when creating a new or editing an existing Dropbox:

  1. Select the Turnitin® tab in the Edit Folder or New Folder Dropbox pages. This will bring you to the Turnitin Integration page.
  2. Enabling GradeMark® will give you the ability to annotate student submissions through the Feedback Studio. For more information on the Feedback Studio, visit the Turnitin official support pages.
  3. Enabling Originality Check® will allow similarity scores to be produced for each submission. You can also determine whether you would like students to be able to view their similarity scores. See Turnitin®’s official support page on similarity reports for more information.

NOTE: Enabling Turnitin® in a Dropbox folder where the feature was originally disabled will not retroactively run originality reports on submitted assignments automatically. You will need to run originality reports manually through the Folder Submissions page (see Viewing and Evaluating Dropbox Submissions).

Screen shot of Turnitin interface check box for enabling Gra