Scantron 888P+ and SCORE Scanner Locations

Scantron Model 888P+ and SCORE Scanner Locations

CSULB participates in the Scantron Loan Marketing Program (LMP 00250941). This list identifies the 32 campus locations for the Scantron 888P+ scanners as well as the SCORE scanners.

These scanners are owned and maintained by Scantron with cost recovery through the sale of Scantron forms. Students buy these forms (~50¢ each) at the university bookstore and convenience centers such as the Beach Hut and Outpost. Departments are not required to buy forms. Recommended Scantron test forms include 882-E, 882-E LOVAS (low vision) and item analysis form 9700.

Scantron Support

When a scanner needs repair, please ask the department contact person to:

  • Call Scantron at 1-800-824-2023 or, 
  • Contact Stafford Cox, Academic Technology Services, AS Bldg, Room 120,  562-985-7801,