iClickers - Mac Resources and Security Information

Mac Download Resources

Mac users please note: Due to the security restrictions found on the latest version of Mac OSX Sierra (10.12 and newer), please follow these steps in order to set up the new iClicker Classic software to integrate with Beachboard.

  1. Download the iClicker Classic package from iClicker site
  2. Download the integration file: LMS_Wizard.zip
  3. Unzip the “LMS_Wizard.zip” file and move the file to your desktop.
  4. Create a new folder on located your desktop titled “iClicker”.
  5. Locate and open the downloaded iClicker Classic package
  6. Another window will open. Grab the file called “iClicker” and drag it over to the “iClicker” folder that was created on the desktop.
  7. From the “iClicker” folder on the desktop, double-click on the iClicker icon to launch the software.
  8. Select your language
  9. Select Remind me later
  10. Close the iClicker application
  11. From your desktop, locate the file “LMS_Wizard.xml” and move it into the “Resources” folder that is located in the iClicker folder.
  12. The software is now ready to be used.

step-by-step video of this is available.