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Procurement Services

Procurement Services

The goal of the Procurement Services department is to acquire the products and services your department needs at a reasonable cost, consistent with your quality and time requirements, and in compliance with the guidelines set forth by the CSU Administrative Manual (ICSUAM) Section 5000 for Contracting and Procurement, CSU Administrative Guidelines, and the laws of the state of California.

Based on its compliance with the Integrated CSU Administrative Manual (ICSUAM) section 5000, Procurement utilizes written delegations of authority from the campus President to the various individuals authorized to procure. Only authorized Procurement & Contracts employees and certain delegated executive management may develop and approve contractual documents and obligate the University. Any department considering a contractual document or agreement with an outside entity or with an Auxiliary must coordinate the contract development and approval through Procurement, in order to finalize the contract. The collaboration between Procurement and campus departments for contract development is mandatory in order to provide consistency and compliance with system wide policies. This is true for both monetary and non-monetary contractual instruments. Auxiliaries are also encouraged to consult with Procurement on any contractual matter.

Please contact us whenever you need assistance in meeting your procurement needs.

Code of Ethics

As public employees and procurement professionals, we commit ourselves to provide leadership and dedicated service to our customers, apply our best, unbiased judgment and maintain the highest ethical and moral standards in the conduct of CSU business. We guide our activity through the application and adherence to the following commonly shared values and ethical standards in our daily interaction with suppliers and University customers:

  • Conduct business in good faith; demanding honest, legal, and ethical practices from all participants in the procurement process.
  • Foster an open environment by being fair and reasonable in all dealings.
  • At no time and under no circumstances accept directly or indirectly gifts, gratuities or other things of value which might influence, or appear to influence, procurement decisions.
  • Promote positive supplier/contractor relationships by according vendor representatives courteous, fair and ethical treatment.
  • Make reasonable efforts to negotiate equitable and mutually agreeable settlements of controversies with supplier(s).
  • Avoid involvement in any transactions/activities that could be considered to be a conflict between personal interests and the interests of the CSU.
  • Know and obey the letter and spirit of laws governing the procurement functions and remain alert to the legal ramifications of procurement decisions.


Contingent Procurement Operations COVID-19

How to make a purchase during the COVID-19 contingent operations.

Office Supply Orders While Working Remote

For office supplies requested while working remotely please direct the requestor to their appropriate administrator for approval. With email approval, the purchase should be made on the department PCard and shipped to the employee home. This type of purchase is not restricted to Staples Office Supply. 

Please be sure the appropriate people within your department are aware of this temporary procedure as needed and reach out to with questions. 

Special Ordering Instructions for Dell Laptops, Monitors, and Docking Stations Purchased Through the CSU System-Wide Discount Pricing

Discount pricing orders of Dell Laptops, docking stations and monitors through the CSU Chancellor’s Office are being coordinated the CSULB Division of Information Technology. Pricing has been guaranteed regardless of quantity.

Steps to place an order:

  1. Gather Equipment Needs: ASM and Division Techs should gather requests for their entire college or division before submitting the request. Contact Joe Som in ITS for standardized equipment quotes. or x54785.
  2. Minimum Quantity: Must have a minimum of 10 units to place a single order.   Smaller quantities will be combined with other orders and in the case of an order for less than 10 units the model(s) selected cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Order Request: A request to place an order should be sent via email to This email must include:
    1. ATI Approval: Must attach completed ATI approval from Procurement to the order request email.
    2. Chartfield and Delegation of Approval (DOA): Must have and attached email from appropriate DOA over the funds being used.  Include the following statement in the Order Request email “I understand that the campus is responsible for payment of the machines being ordered and approve the follow chart field for this purchase” and include chart field.
    3. Cash Posting Order (CPO) contact: This should be the ASM.
    4. Receiving Contact: Name of Department and name of person picking up the order at CSULB Receiving Department.
  4. Delivery: Orders typically arrive in 6 to 15 weeks and the Receiving Department will reach out to the department contact when the order arrives.

Vendor/Supplier/Contractor COVID19 on Campus Protocol

All Vendors/Suppliers/Contractors performing service on the CSU Long Beach campus must maintain COVID19 safety protocol of wearing a mask when on campus and maintaining a distance of six feet from other individuals. Masks are required on campus at all times. For the most up-to-date information on CSULB response to COVID19 please visit our One Beach website for Vendors, Service Providers and Visitors to campus.