Procurement Services

The goal of the Procurement Services department is to acquire the products and services your department needs at a reasonable cost, consistent with your quality and time requirements, and in compliance with the guidelines set forth by the CSU Administrative Manual (ICSUAM) Section 5000 for Contracting and Procurement, CSU Administrative Guidelines, and the laws of the state of California.

Based on its compliance with the Integrated CSU Administrative Manual (ICSUAM) section 5000, Procurement utilizes written delegations of authority from the campus President to the various individuals authorized to procure. Only authorized Procurement & Contracts employees and certain delegated executive management may develop and approve contractual documents and obligate the University. Any department considering a contractual document or agreement with an outside entity or with an Auxiliary must coordinate the contract development and approval through Procurement, in order to finalize the contract. The collaboration between Procurement and campus departments for contract development is mandatory in order to provide consistency and compliance with system wide policies. This is true for both monetary and non-monetary contractual instruments. Auxiliaries are also encouraged to consult with Procurement on any contractual matter.

Please contact us whenever you need assistance in meeting your procurement needs.