Rebecca Sittler

Rebecca Sittler’s photographic work explores museum displays and still-life objects either assembled and constructed in the studio or found in the world.  Whether she is focusing on gendered representations in U.S. presidential museums; exploring the volatility of photography using the Queen Mary ocean liner; constructing still life photographs inspired by the associative play of Gertrude Stein prose poems; creating speculative archives of female stowaways and sailors; or exploring Long Beach by photographing the products of its independently owned donut shops, Sittler’s work engages a sense of play that activates and questions interpretive networks of association. She is driven by contrasts and connections between insignificance and monumentality, the animate and inanimate, and the historical and the hypothetical.

Sittler has exhibited her work at Filter Space Gallery, Sam Lee Gallery, Daniel Cooney Gallery, the Photographic Center Northwest, The Torrance Museum of Art, the Griffin Museum, Atlantic Center for the Arts, RayKo Gallery, The Photographic Resource Center, as well as Duke University, the University of Florida, Texas Woman's University, Boston University, and Washington State University. Sittler's photographs have also been shown in Russia, South Korea, China, and England. She received her MFA from Massachusetts College of Art.

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