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Art History Faculty

Headshot of Kendall Brown
Kendall Brown
Asian Art History
Headshot of Heather Graham
Heather Graham
Associate Professor
Early Modern Italian Art History
Headshot of Peter Holliday
Peter Holliday
Professor Emeritus
History of Classical Art and Archaeology
Headshot of Catha Paquette
Catha Paquette
Professor Emerita
Latin American Art History
Headshot of Mariah Proctor-Tiffany
Mariah Proctor-Tiffany
Associate Professor & Program Head
Medieval and Islamic Art History
Headshot of Nizan Shaked
Nizan Shaked
Associate Professor
Contemporary Art History; Museum and Curatorial Studies
Headshot of Matthew Simms
Matthew Simms
18th and 19th Century European and North American Art; Post World War II Los Angeles Art; Archival practices