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Mother working from home with a baby on the floor
Executive Summary As Covid-19 forces women — particularly mothers — out of the workforce, the authors ask what managers can do to help reverse this trend. The authors interviewed employed women with children under the age of 16 at home and who had partners. The conversations revealed how managers were — and weren’t — supporting the women. The authors find three ways that managers can ensure mothers remain on the job — during the pandemic, and beyond: Provide certainty and clarity, wherever...
Social worker asking woman questions
COB HRM faculty Dana Sumpter and Mona Zanhour have been quoted in The Atlantic for their research on the experiences of working mothers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
CSULB competes with 3 teams in the 56th annual International Competition & all 3 won first place in their "World." (ICBSC) held the intensive phase of its 56th annual event last weekend. Universities come from around the world to participate in this amazing opportunity to compete in a very complex simulation of a production company that they run over the semester and then it culminates in this final phase.
Fostering Corporate Resiliency by Mitigating Social Stigma Leadership teams strive to foster cultures of inclusion and resiliency within their organizations and teams - resilience that is so desperately needed during these times of crisis. However, social stigma and discrimination undermine these critical inclusion and resiliency efforts. This article identifies the issue of pandemic-induced stigma in the workplace and outlines specific steps that organizational leaders and managers can take...
2020 CSCMP Awards Scholarship COB
Since 1963, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) has been providing networking, career development, and educational opportunities to the logistics and supply chain management community. This month they provided a scholarship. Professor Mark Washburn Chair, Dept. of Management/HRM, Justin HackettABSOC Representative Society for Advancement of Management California State University, Long Beach and the Recipient is Scott Moye, he is an MSSCM student.  
PIHRA Foundation 2019
Once a year, our Foundation will award students who are pursuing their undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field of Human Resources. We have selected two full-time students for the Undergraduate Scholarship and both recipients were from CSU Long Beach!! Tiffany Ushijima and Melissa Valencia-Damian were awarded $2500 each for the HR Undergrad Scholarship in December 2019 on behalf of the PIHRA Foundation for their Spring semester tuition
Students and Jeff Bentley CalSHRM Student Case Competition.
CSULB sent two teams this year to the CalSHRM Student Case Competition. CalSHRM is the California division of the Society for Human Resource Management, the leading professional association for HRM.
2019 COB Job Happiness Research
Jonathan Phan Is Knowing What You Dislike a Better Predictor of Job Happiness? Finding out what people dislike and helping them avoid these dislikes might be more important for their job satisfaction.
COB MANAGEMENT Assistant Professor, Emily Rosado-Solomon
 “Please join us in welcoming our new Assistant Professor, Emily Rosado-Solomon. Dr. Rosado-Solomon joins us after completing her PhD at Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations. Her research examines interpersonal workplace relationships, social networks, and informal communication.