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Frequently Asked Questions

No, internship participation are elective, not mandatory for CBA students as part of their degree requirements. 

CBA/COB-493 Internship Course is available to all qualified CBA majors and minors, whether the internship is paid or unpaid. The course is offered during fall, spring and summer sessions and you should try to take the course concurrent with your internship. If your internship is unpaid and your intern employer requires that you receive academic credit as a condition of the internship, you will have to enroll in CBA/COB-493. However, if the class is full or closed, you can register for CBA/COB 493 in the session following your internship with instructor approval. In this case you should ensure that the employer agrees you can earn the academic credit after the internship concludes. Due to high demand, the CBA/COB-493 gets full a couple of weeks after the semester starts, or earlier.

CBA/COB 493, the Internship Course is offered during the fall and spring. If you need academic credit, but the class is full, or closed, with employer and CBA/COB 493 instructor approval, you can register for CBA/COB 493 in the semester following your internship.  Due to high demand, the class gets full a couple of weeks after the semester starts, or earlier, so contact the CBA/COB 493 Instructor,  as soon as possible.

COB does not have internship resources specifically for freshmen and sophomores. These students are encouraged to contact the Career Development Center in Brotman Hall Room 250 to determine what resources may be available there.

  • However, if you are a freshman or sophomore, extracurricular involvement or work experience is a great substitute and resume builder. Some possible options include:
    • Volunteering
    • Joining a student organization
    • Part-time work experience
    • Researching Sophomore Leadership Programs
    • Get individual advising on how to prepare for finding an internship through the Center for Student Success (CBA/COB 100) or the Career Development Center (Brotman Hall, 250)