Send your Internship Story

The College of Business wants to hear about your Internship stories - where did your experience lead you ?

We were interested in hearing about your experiences on the program, and how  internships have impacted you.

Why you should tell us

We would like to build a page and share your story and experiences but we have to collect your stories even if you do not want to share it with the public please share it with the COB Internship program.  We count internships for our records and we also need to know good and bad internships for our future success.  

Junior, Senior etc,
What did you Expect when you started your internship?
Did you have any fears or worries about your internship?
Surprises and Unexpected Outcomes, Good or Bad endings?
Do you feel more prepared in some way please explain, did anyone teaching you something valuable you can take to your career?
Can CBA use your Story?