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Newly Renovated CBA Open Access Lab, Opens Fall 2018

Published November 7, 2018

Newly Renovated CBA Open Access Lab, Opens Fall 2018

The CBA Open Access Computer Lab (CBA 237) and the CBA IT front counter (CBA 243) went under a major renovation over the summer. The funding was made possible with the Student Excellence Fee (SEF) – “Technology that touches students”, which supports modernizing the campus with respect to digital technology for teaching and learning.

Newly renovated CBA Open Access Lab is set to open on the first day of the fall semester. The renovation was done to foster the growth of a synergetic environment and provide a better overall learning experience. New furniture and rearrangements will allow students to work in individual and group settings. More space will also be provided to meet the high demand usage of portable devices. Valuable feedback and needs from CBA students have made the renovation possible. We also worked closely with the CBA ASI Senators, student representatives of the college, to gain a deeper understanding of student needs in the CBA Open Access Computer Lab.

In addition, in response to positive feedback from previous years, the number of group station cubicles will increase from five to 15 to accommodate higher demands of collaborative projects. CBA was also able to fund 12 Bloomberg Terminals, 10 of the terminals will be available to all students in the Open Access Lab, and two terminals will be available for CBA faculty to enhance the Bloomberg learning experience.