Prerequisites and Registration Upper Division Classes

Prerequisite Information

  1. The College of Business Administration does not allow student to take a course and the prerequisite at the same time.
  2. Registration in most upper division (300/400) College of Business Administration classes is restricted to CBA majors and minors.  You will receive the message “requisite not met” if you try to enroll in a CBA class and are not a major or minor that can take the class.
  3. If you think that you should be able to enroll in a 300/400 level CBA class, but are getting the message “requisite not met”, check the registration restrictions for the course by accessing the online “Schedule of Classes”, via the MYCSULB portal. 

You may recieve a permit if you have :

  • Credit for the prerequisite based on an Advanced Placement (AP) Examination
  • Credit for I S 233, because you passed Computer Proficiency Examination (CPE) and I S 233 is a prerequisite for the course in which you want to enroll                                                                                                                         
  • Completed a non-CSULB course that has been approved as a substitution for an upper division course that is a prerequisite for the course
  • Completed a non-CSULB course that has been determined to be equivalent to a lower division prerequisite but there is no articulation agreement  (To see if an articulation agreement has been made, please access
  • Enrolled in a non-CSULB course that is equivalent to the prerequisite
  • You will need someone in the College of Business Administration to issue an electronic permit to override the registration restriction before you will be able to enroll in the class.

To request a permit, you will need to complete a “CBA Course Permit Request”.  

If the above conditions are not met you should make an appointment with an advisor. Schedule CSS Appointment