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Searching for a job or internship takes preparation, dedication and time. Utilize Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) resources to assist in your job and internship search.  


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GBCS is here to help you throughout the process and make an appointment to strategize how to conduct a successful job search.  


One of the top ways to build your network and connect with employers to find a job or internship is conducting informational interviews. Informational interviews also allow you to explore different career fields and learn industry information from professionals in the field. The purpose of an informational interview is to gain information, not ask for a job.

There are resources to assist you in finding and locating professionals to connect with for informational interviews.

Beach Nexus

Beach Nexus is CSULB's exclusive mentoring and professional network that connects alumni, students and the community. You can access Beach Nexus through your single sign on


LinkedIn is a great tool for locating professionals to interview in your job function and industry of choice. More specifically, CSULB has an alumni page on LinkedIn that you can easily access alumni to reach out to for informational interviews. If you need assistance with navigating LinkedIn and connecting with alumni make an appointment with GBCS

Informational Interview Questions

You want to approach an informational interview like an interview where you are prepared and ready with questions to learn more about the person's career path and company culture. 

  • Tell me more about your career path. 
  • What does a typical day in this position look like?
  • What do you like or dislike about your position?
  • What education, skills and experience is required for this position?
  • What is the hiring process like at your organization?
  • What skill sets would you say are important in the industry? 
  • Where do you see the industry going?
  • What advice would you give to someone wanting to enter this field?
  • Is there anyone else you recommend I speak with based on my career interests?

Informational Interview Articles

Review articles about informational interviews about why they are so important and how to reach out to professionals.  

Hot Jobs and Opportunities hosts relevant internship and job opportunities that are regularly gathered and updated from CareerLINK, CareerShift and employer contacts. 

Over 13,000 full-time, part-time, on campus and internship positions are posted annually on CareerLINK. This job board is exclusively for CSULB students and alumni.

Check out a list of CareerLINK positions specifically curated for College of Business students

A job fair provides an opportunity for you to meet with a large number of employers, in one setting, who are specifically seeking CSULB students for the purpose of employment. Companies may have entry-level (or higher) career openings, part-time positions and/or paid and volunteer internships. The Career Development Center (CDC) offers job fairs every semester with a wide range of opportunities in the business field.

If you are seeking internships or full-time, professional employment, Campus Interviews brings prospective employers to the Career Development Center (CDC) to interview and hire CSULB students and alumni.

You should always negotiate your salary when taking a position or asking for a raise from your current organization.  It is important that you are prepared to discuss salary and do your research to determine your market value. Utilize the tools to help in your salary research and make an appointment with Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) to discuss salary negotiation tips and practice techniques. Additionally, the Career Development Center (CDC) provides a lot of great tips for negotiating your salary


  • Salary Research
    • a tool to assist you in reviewing common salaries for desired positions
    • Glassdoor: users are able to anonymously submit reviews and salaries for companies
    • LinkedIn-Salary: review your earning potential for various positions 
  • Budgeting
    • Mint: utilize one app to manage your budget and finances 
    • CNN Cost of Living Calculator: outlines how much your money is worth from state to state based on cost of living 

Work Authorization

It is important for you to obtain proper work authorization to gain an internship, Curricular Practical Training (CPT), or job once you graduate, Optional Practical Training (OPT).  For more information review the Employment section on the International Students & Scholar Services (ISS) website.

Full Time, Part Time and Internship Positions

As an international student you need to make sure you are targeting companies that have hired and sponsored international students before. GoinGlobal is a tool that can help you target companies that have hired international students by reviewing their H-1B visa search engine and local city guides. You can access GoinGlobal through single sign on

Additionally, you can review companies that have sponsored H-1B visas in the past as well as review the Graduate Business International Student Alumni Database on the GBCS Career Resources Canvas.

On Campus Positions

International students are able to engage in on campus employment if you are a full-time student in good academic standing. The primary way to find on-campus positions is through CareerLINK.  CareerLINK is an online career management tool exclusively for CSULB students where you can register for job fairs, apply to on- and off-campus jobs and internships, and access online career tools.

  1. Sign in to [Single Sign-On (SSO)]
  2. Click on [CareerLINK]
  3. Select [Jobs]
  4. Indicate [Part-Time (On Campus)].  Do note, international students are not able to engage in Federal Work Study positions. 

Below are additional ways to find on-campus employment.

Career Tips for International Students Video

Watch the brief video on career tips specifically designed for international students to help you understand your employment authorization and utilize the resources to help in your career development as soon as the first semester.