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One quarter of MBA candidates globally have entrepreneurial goals.  Business schools in the U.S. are doing their best to attract them. Full article.

Writing Assistance 

The Graduate Studies Resource Center (GSRC) is now offering writing support for CSULB post-baccalaureate/graduate students (masters, credential, certificate, and doctoral students) in all disciplines. Post-baccalaureate students can schedule a 45-minute appointment with our Graduate Writing Specialist for one-on-one assistance with all areas of graduate writing.  

Succeeding as a Graduate Student

Get Involved!

We have many opportunities for you to become part of an active student body such as the Graduate Business Student Association​ and other CSULB Student Organizations.


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If you have an idea for a product, service, application or process that can become the next new Facebook or iPhone, the Innovation Challenge is perfect for you. This is an opportunity to take your idea and bring it to life through a yearlong competition that ends with a Pitch in front of four judges.  Both graduate and undergraduate students from across the university and the community use innovation as a way to make a difference in the world.  Student teams write a business plan that guides how they will take their innovative idea to market. The winning team receives $10,000 plus $40,000 in in-kind services such as marketing, legal, and accounting services. 

For over 50 years, universities from all over the world come together to compete in the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition (ICBSC).  This competition is the world’s longest running and most comprehensive business competition. The ICBSC provides students with an learning experience through which they directly compete with teams from other universities.  They develop and run a simulated organization while also working with business executives and students from around the world.

In this competition, each university team manages a simulated or virtual manufacturing company competing directly against 4-5 other firms in its simulated world. There are both undergraduate and MBA “worlds.” By participating in the ICBSC, students coalesce around their university and get resume-building experience through their experiences in this competition. In the end, students walk away having benefited both personally and professionally as they develop their network. 

Please contact Barbara Barcon for more information.