Success Stories

Hear from students who have utilized Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) to help them succeed in the job and internship search. 


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Student Testimonials

"Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) is an invaluable resource! They helped me refine my strategy, pointing out small details that go a long way. Thank you for helping me align my immediate career goals with a great long-term career option." - Ivan Flores, Evening MBA, Class of Spring 2023

"Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) was definitely one of the highlights during my MBA program at CSULB, GBCS was always more than willing to help and always provided guidance and resources to help me advance in my career. Through mock interviews, resume reviews, and various networking opportunities, GBCS was definitely one of the reasons I was able to successfully start my career in HR with a strong internship through NBCUniversal, leading to an expanded professional network. GBCS also continues to be an available resource well past graduation, which is always welcome and appreciated!" - Alfredo De La Cruz, Accelerated MBA, Class of Spring 2020

"Working with Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) was a real turning point in my job hunt. After implementing changes in my resume and cover letter I got so many callbacks from amazing companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers, and Volcom, just to name a few. Also, setting up a mock interview and utilizing Big Interview before job interviews helped me be more confident during the interview process." - Luisa Raygoza, MS Marketing Analytics, Class of Spring 2021

"Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) has been a life-saver! Being an international student brought a lot of new experiences, especially in the job search. GBCS has helped me a lot in strategizing my job search in terms of presenting my profile and different ways to network with prospective future employers. GBCS has always been available and supportive throughout my search and I cannot thank the GBCS team enough for all of their efforts." - Ayush Vij, MS Information Systems, Class of Spring 2021

"I can’t thank Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) enough! I got hired into my dream job as an auditor in less than two months after graduating. The staff at GBCS were so helpful in navigating the interview and hiring process, which was really challenging for me after making a career change." - Soffiani Sofian-Petersen, MS Accountancy, Spring 2021

"Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) not only helped me polish my resume for the Resume Book, but they also worked diligently to ensure the right people saw it. This lead me to the Recruiting job I am in now. I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work!" - Averie Anderson, Accelerated MBA, Class of Spring 2021

"Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) has been extremely helpful in my journey to finding the perfect role and company. I took full advantage of all the free resources they provided for the students such as help with my resume, cover letter, and even help with interview practices." - Tahura Bibi, Saturday MBA, Class of Spring 2021