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Success Stories

Hear from students who have utilized Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS).

"GBCS has been a life-saver! Being an international student brought a lot of new experiences, especially in job search. GBCS has helped me a lot in strategizing my job search in terms of presenting my profile and different ways to network with prospective future employers. GBCS has always been available and supportive throughout my search and I cannot thank the GBCS team enough for all of their efforts." - Ayush Vij, MS Information Systems, Class of 2021

"I can’t thank GBCS enough! I got hired into my dream job as an auditor in less than two months after graduating. The staff at GBCS were so helpful in navigating the interview and hiring process, which was really challenging for me after making a career change." - Soffiani Sofian-Petersen, MS Accountancy, Class of 2021

"Working with Graduate Business Career Services was a real turning point in my job hunt. After implementing changes in my resume and cover letter I got so many calls back from amazing companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers and Volcom, just to name a few. Also, setting up a mock interview and utilizing Big Interview before job interviews helped me be more confident during the interview processs." - Luisa Raygoza, MS Marketing Analytics, Summer 2021

“When first coming to "The Beach" I had little to no idea what career path I wanted to pursue. It wasn't until I began working with career services to overhaul my resume, cover letter and interview skills before I found a clear direction.

 Specifically working with CareerLINK I was able to search highly relevant positions to apply quickly and conveniently online. Within two weeks I was contacted for an interview and shortly after began my new position. With the help of career services I received a full-time offer before finishing my program.”

-Timothy Wright, Accelerated Full Time MBA Student, Class of 2019

“Getting practical experience is as important as getting good grades in your academics. However, it is not as easy to enter the corporate world directly from school, as it requires proper guidance so that you move in the right direction. As an international student currently pursuing my Evening MBA it was very difficult for me to understand the job application process in the United States. During this period, it was Mr. Bert Rivera and Mrs. Michelle Levy from Graduate Business Career Services who helped during the entire process and I ended up getting a summer internship. They helped me by making my resume and cover letter suitable for my profile and provided me with interview tips, which I would not have known if I did not approach them. In addition, they guided me through various different sources available on CareerLINK where the local as well as global job postings are located. Even today, if I have any doubts, I approach them and they answer all my queries in a very friendly manner. I would strongly advise all my classmates to at least visit them once and take their guidance. Trust me, it is for your own benefit and the visit will definitely be fruitful.”

-Ankur Thakkar, Evening MBA Student, Class of 2020

“Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) patiently worked with me to revise my resume and craft cover letters that stood out from the rest.  Working with GBCS I experienced invitations to interviews skyrocketed. Additionally, GBCS helped me strategize for upcoming interviews and coached me on fine tuning my answers and refining questions. Fast forward to today, I’m in my dream job working with and for people I respect and admire doing what I love: being of service and making a difference in people’s lives..”

-Mickie Tagle, Saturday MBA Student, Class of 2018

"My career goal immediately after graduation was to obtain a rigorous, demanding and rewarding position as I wanted to gain practical corporate experiences in many areas of a business. I’m delighted to say that I recently received a full-time offer before the completion of my MBA program all thanks to Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS). GBCS helped me during the entire process, from writing a resume to training me on delivering an elevator pitch. They have showed me how to make myself more marketable, and with the current job market, that is a value that can’t be measured.

They are dedicated professionals who value the students that seek their assistance and will give you 100% of their time and effort. I encourage other graduate students to explore the amazing services provided by GBCS because it will positively impact your career. I highly recommend students to take advantage of the ‘Resume Book’ as GBCS constantly sends it to companies. GBCS is one of the most influential factors in the transition from college to my career. The help and information that was provided to me has been extremely valuable."

-Accelerated Full Time MBA Student, Class of 2019